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LaxHacks: The Importance of Staying Organized

Editor’s note: Please welcome Marty Cahill to! The former Delaware Blue Hen is entering his sixth season of Major League Lacrosse this year as a middie for the Boston Cannons. If you missed the last episode of Lax Hacks, be sure to check it out above, then read what Marty has to say as he shares some related wisdom.

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Hello Lacrosse All Stars and welcome to the Marty show. I’m excited to be collaborating with LAS and Lax Wax to bring you tips and advice from my life as a professional lacrosse player who’s always on the road. I’ll be chiming in after each and every new video episode of Lax Hacks to give my take and share a word or two.

But first, I want to touch on Lax Wax because I have this awesome opportunity all thanks to them and their sponsorship of me as an athlete. I believe that one of the most important things a player should do is take care of his lacrosse stick. In the MLL, being on the road and in airports so much, you have no choice but to just toss your stick in your bag and off it goes.

Marty Cahill
Photo courtesy

One of the main issues I had when going city to city was my pocket would always come out all crusty and out of whack. Then I heard about Lax Wax and started using it regularly.

I apply it almost daily and especially before road trips, which in the MLL means just about every weekend for several months out of the year. Having Lax Wax handy in my gear bag enables me to keep my pocket intact and properly shaped. So, when I arrive in another town and grab my stick for the game, my wand always ready to roll.

I also always keep some extra mesh from Stringer’s Shack in my bag… just in case I do get into a bind. But with Lax Wax holding my mesh together, I rarely have any issues.

When it comes to everything else in my gear bag, this episode of Lax Hacks hits the nail on the head. When you play lacrosse year around like a I do, having all the necessities and keeping your gear organized becomes a very important aspect of your life. I find that having to a schedule and specific set of routines helps me keep all the the details on track.

Preparation is huge for me and staying in shape is extremely important. When you are playing against some of the best athletes in the world, you can’t fall a step behind as someone is waiting to take your spot every chance they get.

I try to hit the gym at least five times a week, and I get a cardio workout in four times a week. I hit the wall at least twice a week and keep the stick in my hands as much as possible. In the back of my mind, I’m always visualizing my next training session.

Sticking to the above has helped me get to where I am today and will continue to help me strive towards getting better and having a chance to hoist the MLL Championship trophy. Because I’m so dedicated to improving my game, staying on track is easy as long as I’m organized. Some might say it all starts with your gear bag!

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