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LaxMas Stick Trick: Mission Impossible

I got an early LaxMas present this year: the ability to do a new stick trick! This time it’s a LaxMas Stick Trick miracle, and I can now do Mission Impossible. Mission Impossible is catching the ball on the shaft of your stick. It seems impossible the first couple times you try it. Then you try it a couple hundred times and it still seems impossible. Then you do it. Then you do it again. And then it’s possible and you’re Tom Cruise.

LaxMas Stick Trick: Mission Impossible

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The first thing you want to practice is catching the ball on your sidewall, and then trapping the ball between your palm and shaft. I do this twice at the beginning of the video. Then work on getting a good stall going, where the ball sits on the shaft for just a second. You will find that you really need to make sure your shaft is flat when you catch the ball. THEN you can try to actually catch the ball on your shaft. It’s tricky so don’t get frustrated!

Don’t forget about this week’s Stick Trick Challenge! Upload a video clip of YOU landing the Flipturn stall in the comments section below (you must sign-up or sign-in to comment), and we’ll hit you with an LAS Prize Pack. The deadline to enter is next Saturday, when the next episode goes live!

We’re also curious to know what the hardest stick trick happens to be. So what do you think? Do you have a realistic idea for what would be the hardest trick to pull off? We want to hear your ideas, and maybe we’ll even give your suggestion a try in an upcoming Stick Trick Saturday episode!

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