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Laxology : The Future Starts Now


As fashion around the world, and even in your closet, continues to trend in many different ways, I can still remember when I played lacrosse in the early 2000’s. Even back then it was all about looking good on the field because you wanted to stand out, but when it came to the lacrosse community and it’s size compared to now, it wasn’t even close to as big as it is now.

Now we have lacrosse companies who are working everyday not only to promote their product, but to also promote the sport. Moreover, being trendy was an after thought for many when I played, but for the lucky individuals who get to play now, you are just too spoiled with so many accessories to choose from in regards to our community based companies.

Just check out the LAS theme based sleeveless shirt that Laxology did as an example! Now, that is a true work of art, but that isn’t what they truly do best. Aside from the endless days of talking to players about their product and answering questions, doing giveaways, and even running clinics, Laxology has found a unique way to keep a piece of the sport with us at all times. From the breakaway OTF bracelets, the Fast Break, to the clothing, Laxology is paving the way for a unique and one-of-a-kind niche.

While they have been introduced, they have been making big strides in order to make even more exciting products for the Laxologists that follow them.  Here are just some of the products they are working on, or have put out recently:

photo (20)

We have some custom shirts with some really unique designs, wait, don’t look away just yet…

photo (21)

They even have hoodies, you cold?  They also have matching bracelets just to ensure to keep that theme on point…

photo (23)

Afraid of the dark?  This crazy bracelet looks like it was colored from some fruity pebbles, and while it won’t taste as good, the skull in the picture right at the tie off glows in the dark. So whether it’s the Blair Witch you’re afraid of, or some simple Paranormal Activity, this bracelet is sure to make a bright impression on the night…

photo (25)

Thinking all white is all good?  How about trying some all black everything.  The new Laxology logo is even reflective, so people will be saying, “you see that bracelet on his wrist, it’s shining like WHOA.”

Kicks Lax

If you liked the LAS themed shirt, and all the graphics, the shout out here goes to Paul Shoeneck for Kicks Clothing.

As always, Jeremy and James from Laxology both enjoy talking to anyone and everyone, so feel free to add them on Facebook or send a shoutout via Twitter. And be sure to say Josh sent you! As for me, just @ me on Twitter and I will be sure to answer back if you ever need anything.