Lazy Stick Trick Saturday featuring Mason Powell
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Lazy Stick Trick Saturday featuring Mason Powell

Thanks for checking out a fresh episode of Stick Trick Saturday! Season 3 rolled on with a montage of women’s tricks put together by 4x National Champion Caitlin Jackson! This week we’re going to carry on the inspirational theme and show you a new way to work on you stick trick game.

We welcome our own Mason Powell to Stick Trick Saturday this week. We can’t preach enough that your stick should always be in hand if you really want to connect with the game and take your skills to the next level. Don’t wait for practice or a perfect day to get you stick moving, take your game indoors! And we don’t just mean box lacrosse.

So who’s the dude in the video?

Mason Powell is a 21-year-old lacrosse-enthusiast from Cazenovia, NY, that grew up with 3 legends as older brothers. He definitely has an unique perspective on the game, since starting to play the game at the age of 3 he had seen so many high level games, he thought throwing behind the back was the fundamental way to make a pass. Mason ended his Cazenovia High School years with two state championships before spending his senior year at The Hill Academy in Vaughn, Ontario. At The Hill, he learned more about the game and himself as a player.

After a few years between different Junior Colleges, Mason decided to hang up the cleats, but keep the passion alive. Now he currently resides in a cozy, one bedroom apartment in downtown Rochester where he coaches Junior Varsity at a local high school, works as a content creator for and on the board of directors for Breaking Barriers Lacrosse. There’s no doubt Mason loves this sport and the community it has created, now it’s his turn to help it grow!

Episode 3: Lazy Saturday – Mason Powell



Trick: Lazy Combos
Host: Mason Powell
Episode: Season 3, Episode 3



Location: Rochester, New York, USA
Claim to fame: Youngest of lacrosse’s Powell brothers. Life-long lax rat.


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