LC, Incredible Hulk AND Connor Martin: Sweet Lax?


You read that title right. Lauren Conrad, The Incredible Hulk and some weird kid rocking flow named Connor Martin. 412lax hooked us up with the details, so we’re delivering the goods… Goods? Naw, we’re just showing you why Lauren Conrad is the perfect lax bro’s girlfriend…

LC Plays Lax And Words Cannot Express My Approval


From Pop Sugar:

Lauren Conrad and Lauren Bosworth embraced their sportier sides for the National Pro Lacrosse Tour BBQ at the Sierra Mist Beach House in LA yesterday. The girls tried their hands at a little lax, but it looks like they felt more comfortable posing with their sticks in their swimsuit cover-ups. Lo gave us a peek at her two piece, but it’s LC who is in the running for hottest bikini body of 2009 — be sure to vote in round one of our bracket now for a chance to win a new iPhone!

LC puts lax on the Hollywood radar? Naw, American Pie did that, right? Plus, LC is just famous for being a superficial high school girl with REAL problems… Anyway, this is great for the sport. All press is good press.

The Incredible Hulk Plays Lacrosse

IMHO, those jerseys are INCREDIBLE. Not nearly as incredible as a certain woozley team. On that note, I cannot wait for Tahoe.

Warrior Lacrosse Presents Connor Martin’s Search For Flow

Welp, this is news… Chapman attackman and Oregonian Connor Martin will be going around the Northwest, or as he says, “The Northern West”,  this summer looking for laxers with sick hair. The means the laxer – commonly known as lacrosse players – must have hair coming out of the back of their helmet, aka “Flow”. Yes, FLOW. Connor Martin? PT over at 412lax had a few comments

Thoughts? I have my own, but they’re biased:

1) LC is hot and I like her, so inevitably I think this is a good thing.

2) The Hulk jerseys are okay, but I’d much rather wear a Ninja Turtles one.

3) Connor Martin is a questionable character, but props to him for the Warrior love. That’s cool stuff.

What’s your take?