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Learn The Upstate Top String With OCC’s Daniel Shields

Daniel Shields from Onondaga Community College stops by LAS to show you all how to do a nifty new top string. Class is in session so take notes and pay attention.

Editor’s Note: We’re lucky enough to have Daniel Shields, an Aussie playing for Onondaga Community College in Upstate New York, back on LAS and this time he’s filling us in on how to do a different kind of top string when we’re putting mesh in to our spoons.

This style of stringing has become quite popular on the Indian Reservations and members of the illustrious Thompson family could be seen rocking it last year for Lafayette HS.

I followed Daniel’s instructions last night to try it out when I strung up a new Maverik Bull (Rabil’s new stick, it will get reviewed soon!) and I like it.  Think about trying it yourself.

Take it away Daniel!


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Step 1 – Start the stringing a few holes down from where you usually would start and then secure it through the mesh and head like you normally would.

Step 2 – Go through the back of the second whole in the mesh (be sure you are doing it with a nine whole top) and then through the front of the scoop.  Once you have been through the front of the scoop pull the string through itself making the loop seen in the picture.  This is a very basic stringing loop.  If you’re having trouble with this, consult one of the stringing masters on your team.

Step 3 –  Put the string through the front of the fourth whole and then through the front of the scoop and wrap it around itself as you did in Step 2.

Step 4 –  After you have come out the head in step 3 go through the back of the head and put the string through itself as shown in the picture.

Step 5 –  Once you have completed Step 4, go through the back of the mesh then through the back on the scoop and pull the string through itself as seen in the picture.

Step 6 – go through the front of the mesh and then through the last whole and wrap it around the side wall like you did at the beginning.

Make sure when doing this you’re using a nine whole top for your mesh and that you are going through the same wholes as you would stringing a normal top string.

I first saw this top string from the Thompsons.  I’ve found that the game here on the East Coast was a lot quicker than what I was used to (in Washington state) and I needed to take a lot of the whip out of my sticks.  I saw one of the kids on the team had their stick done in this style so I thought I’d try it out and see what happened.  It turned out nicely for me and most my sticks are now strung like that.

Thanks for the lesson Daniel and good luck to OCC for the rest of the season!
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