Lynchburg College Lacrosse Locker Room Lax
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LeMoyne Men’s Lacrosse Gets Going & Lynchburg Has Fancy Facilities!

The 2011 NCAA Season is so close you can smell the arm pad stank.  Both LeMoyne, A Division 2 school in New York State, and Lynchburg, a Division 3 school in Virginia, are considered to be some of the better programs in their respective divisions.

The LeMoyne Dolphins are a National Championship contender in 2011, and have been for the past few seasons, winning a couple of NCs along the way.  They play a talented, hard-nosed Upstate NY style of lacrosse.  Their last few appearances in the NCAA Finals have resulted in good, exciting games.  This is always a team to watch!

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Le Moyne College Men’s Lacrosse opens 2011 spring practice”]

Lynchburg is a top 20 Division 3 program that plays in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference and while they haven’t had quite the success that LeMoyne has had, they are a serious program in D-IIIville.  In the race to attract both recruits and students, division 3 schools often engage in a facilities war and when one of them upgrades the goods, other nearby are sure to follow.  We’re not sure if Lynchburg is setting the trend or following it, but we would have loved to have played for a team with a set up like that.  It’s not the Shangri La or anything but they have stools and custom carpet.  Not too shabby at all!

Also, is it me, or do Lynchburg players get 2 helmets and 4 pairs of gloves?  That hardly seems fair.  IU, you’ve been one upped.

Video Tour of the Lynchburg Locker Room

Photos of the Lynchburg Locker Room

Lynchburg College Lacrosse Locker Room Lax
SO much lax gear.

Thanks to Chris Davis of StrikerDanger for the find!  He loves D-III lax too!

And, SERIOUSLY, have you signed up for the American Revolution yet?  If I were 10 years younger, still in shape, still in college (or recently graduated) and ready to mingle, I’d jump on this in a heartbeat.  International Lax!!!  Sweet custom gear (you have no idea, even if you think you do)!!!  Londontown!!! Copenhagen!!!  Americans Abroad.  Watch out.