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LeMoyne Women's Lacrosse 2010
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LeMoyne Women’s Lacrosse Gets Rolling On Turf

The biggest problem for teams up North is getting access to a full field.  In the past, teams have played in their gyms, or if they’re lucky enough, their field houses.  Field lacrosse indoors is far better than no lacrosse at all, but for finely tuned college athletes, it’s not perfect.  When a school gets a turf field, these fortunes change instantly.

The ability to get out and play is immeasurable when it comes to team development. The chance to install rides and clears with lines on the field, run transition, split the team into O and D, and get some scrimmage work in is valued highly by any coach.  And for the players, dealing with the cold, and maybe a broken stick or two, is way better than hard gym floors and shin splints all Spring.

Just look at how happy the Women’s Lacrosse Team from LeMoyne is to be playing outside.  You can see it in how they practice and the fact that they’re still smiling when doing interviews outside.  The WOOOOOO’s from the LeMoyne Men’s Team in the background are only further proof of how awesome a turf field is – especially if you go to school in Upstate New York.

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LeMoyne Women's Lacrosse 2010
Balling! Love the socks, by the way.