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Casey Powell shares a little something Gary Gait taught him with youth and high school lacrosse players at the first annual Saratoga Springs Lacrosse Shootout in Upstate New York.

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The 7th edition of Up Your Game by Anthony Lanzillo introduces the Mental Tune Up and an interview with James Fritz.

When You Win, We Win

Bet you've heard it before. The difference? The definition of "win" for our game. Here at LaxAllStars, we're sick and tired of all the commotion surrounding "the next big thing" in lacrosse when lacrosse hasn't even arrived to the rest...
Wait one minute. No, seriously. Pause. Turn your screen off and close those youthful eyes of yours for a minute.
We'll all need to let go of a lot of black-and-white thinking if we want to take lacrosse to the outer limits. It's going to take much more than your sheer dedication to growing this game.
America's most breathtaking, for a game you love, you find the Lake Tahoe Summit Classic.
"Flip" is a video project that Epoch Lacrosse and Lacrosse All Stars undertook together with one goal in mind: to showcase a truly special and intriguing man within our community.

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