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jim brown lacrosse

Long Island Lizards Jim Brown Pre-Game Speech

Video from Jim Brown’s pre-game speech to the Long Island Lizards has been posted online. It’s an inspiriting talk, from a living legend, and it’s definitely worth watching!

Jim Brown gave a pre-game speech to the Long Island Lizards and we are ALL lucky enough to see it! Max Seibald has joined a new social platform called QFive, and the video has been posted up there. I’ve checked around QFive a bit, and it seems cool at first glance… but for now, just trust me on this… it’s worth signing up just to see the speech.

jim brown lacrosse
Jim Brown still has it in a major way.

Brown relays his love and knowledge of the game, and the Lizards players eat it up. Heck, I ate it up and I only saw it on video! Having this video on QFive is a genius marketing move. Kudos to whomever orchestrated it.

Follow Max Seibald on QFive, and watch Jim Brown push the Long Island Lizards on to a 20-10 win over the Ohio Machine in Major League Lacrosse.

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