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Louisiana Lacrosse Community Honors Bob Reeves And Seal Team Six

Bob Reeves Naval Special Warfare Kids Lacrosse Shreveport
Magnet clears the ball...
Bob Reeves Naval Special Warfare Kids Lacrosse Shreveport

All four teams from the Jamboree.

Seal Team Six became a household military unit name, one which everyone was familiar with after Osama Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan.  However, following that momentous triumph in the war on terror, the unit was hit by tragedy when a Chinook Helicopter that was carrying 38 people went down in Afghanistan this past August, killing all 38 men on board, including 20 members of Seal Team Six.

One of those Seal Team Six member was Chief Petty Officer Bob Reeves, a former lacrosse player from Louisiana.  There are a great number of stories involving former lacrosse players joining the military, and some involve the greatest sacrifice, as this one does. But not all of the stories result in something truly positive emerging… thankfully, Bob Reeves’ story does.

Reeves grew up in Shreveport, LA and played lacrosse for St. Paul’s originally, which was a mixed team of Byrd, Caddo Magnet and Loyola lacrosse players. He then went on to play at, and graduate from, Caddo Magnet in Louisiana.  Rob’s friend, and former classmate, Jonas Kelsal, also died in the crash.  This tragedy hit especially close to home in the area, and for the Caddo Magnet boys’ lacrosse team, and the members of the Shreveport lacrosse community decided to do something about it.

The Louisiana lacrosse season doesn’t start until February, but because it is a tight-knit community, they were able to organize an event before the season even started.  This December, teams from Caddo Magnet, Byrd, Loyola and Captain Shreve all came together to play some lacrosse, and more importantly, honor those who perished in the crash by raising money for the SEAL Foundation via the Naval Special Warfare Kids awareness group.  The group helps support the children of SEALs killed in action.

The idea was to honor the fallen soldiers, teach the kids about their legacies, and increase the camaraderie amongst the Shreveport lacrosse community.  From the sound of things, that’s exactly what happened.

Bob Reeves Naval Special Warfare Kids Lacrosse Shreveport

Magnet clears the ball…

Bob Reeves Naval Special Warfare Kids Lacrosse Shreveport

This flow is better than Connor’s!

Turning tragedy back into triumph!  A BIG thanks to Mike Brand for sending this story tip over.  Glad we could shine a little light on it!

A HUGE tip of the hat to the whole Shreveport lax community, and a very special thanks to Bob Reeves, his family, and everyone else who has made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

For video of the event check out KTBS.com!

Bob Reeves Naval Special Warfare Kids Lacrosse Shreveport

Tight action on the sideline.

Bob Reeves Naval Special Warfare Kids Lacrosse Shreveport

Awesome Byrd dyed head!

All photos courtesy of Robert Dunlap’s Flickr account.

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