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Love THIS Kid’s Game Too: Derek Andrews

Yesterday I happened across a highlight tape for Alex Trippi, and was incredibly impressed by this undersized 2017’s game. Check out the post for the full explanation of why I’m a fan. Today I found another kid who can ball, and I’m really liking this potential recruit too, even if he is a bit older, being a 2014.

Derek Andrews is a rising Senior at Iroquois High School in Western New York, about 15 miles outside of Buffalo. Iroquois finished at 10-8 in 2013, and Andrews definitely helped the Chiefs go above .500 for the year, and win a playoff game. He made the US Junior Indoor team this Summer, and was named an All-Star at MVP1 Team Tournament at Delaware.

The first 57 seconds of the video are info and background, then we get to the good stuff:

As far as I can tell, Andrews has not committed to any school yet.

If the above is still true, he could be a great late addition to a number of rosters. He played in Western New York, and as you can see from the above video, that means he can handle physical lacrosse. His box background shines on numerous backhand goals. He rides hard, makes good passes, and dodges with his head up. High lacrosse IQ, good inside finishing technique, and a great handle under pressure.

I still think it’s easy to pick out the 6’3″ midfielder with a cannon for a shot and declare that this type of player is “the future”, but until I see a kid like that with skills like Andrews’, I’ll stick with the little guys, who are forced to develop their IQ on the field at an earlier age, in order to see the same success.