Loyola Greyhounds Mens Lacrosse Scrimmage
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Loyola Alumni Scrimmage Report and Photos

Thanks to the one and only Craig Chase, we have photos of the Loyola Alumni Lacrosse Scrimmage! Lots of big name players made it back for the Alumni Game, and there was plenty of Loyola lacrosse gear from over the program’s age. As usual, the Greyhound faithful made it out for the game, and younger generations of players and fans got directly connected to the Loyola program’s past.

The current team took down the Alumni 11-5, and Matt Cunningham dropped 5 goals for the current crop of Loyola Lacrosse players, while Zach Herreweyers added two goals of his own.

The Alumni all wear the #9, and if you didn’t already know, this for Gerry Case, a former Loyola player who passed away from a meningitis related infection while he was a student at Loyola. The Hounds host a golf tournament the day after the alumni game and that tourney is also named for Gerry Case. Tim Goettelman played with Case back in the late 90s, and switched from #10 (his number in college) to #9 in the pros to honor Case. The #9 has been retired at Loyola in honor of Case as well. You can read more on Gerry and the impact he had on the Loyola program here.

As was said earlier, lots of big name Loyola alums made it back to Ridley for the game. So here’s a little extra competition… NAME AS MANY OF THE LOYOLA ALUMNI as you can in the comments section. If you nail all the pros, we’ll be impressed. If you get them ALL? Well, shoot… we might just have to hook you up with a prize for that kind of effort!

Loyola Alumni Lacrosse Scrimmage

Once again, a big thanks goes out to Craig Chase for the photos and info on the game! We love seeing D1 alumni make it back on campus to take on the current team. It might not always be the most even game, but it’s a great fall tradition, and one we will continue to talk about.

Now… who is going to name ALL of the Loyola Alumni pictured above? It’s a tall order, but someone out there can get it done! Good luck!