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Loyola Goes Top Cheddar From 70 Yards: SportsCenter #1!

When I first heard about the 70-yard Loyola goal from their ECAC Championship win over Fairfield, I figured it had to be off a 10-man ride or off a broken ride, but now that I’ve seen the video it’s clear that this was just an old fashioned 70 yard sidearm rip shot!

Update: The original clip we embedded from The Lacrosse Network in this post has been removed from YouTube. We have since replaced it with the one below…

Here’s another angle:

999 times out of 1000 the goalie makes the save here, but in the instance above we were treated to a weird meeting of potentialities where the sun, a scrum in front of the cage right before the ball arrived, and one heck of long pole rip combined for one of the sweetest lacrosse goals ever.

Most people couldn’t hit the cage from 70 yards, let alone score, and that makes this the goal of the year.  It’s better than this one… at least in my book!

So far these two efforts HAVE to be the best two goals of the year… so which one do YOU prefer?  Let us know which goal was better in the comments section below!