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LXM PRO 206: Seattle, Washington

Editor’s Note: Our dear friend David Ogle took in the LXM PRO 206 event in Seattle, Washington last weekend and is here to give you the full scoop on the first ever professional field lacrosse game in Washington state!


The LXM Pro Tour brought the show to Seattle for the LXM 206 event. The Emerald City, home to rain, coffee, rain, the most venerable Twilight Series, and rain, may seem an unlikely venue for wicked lacrosse. However, running contrary to such stereotypical beliefs, Seattle is quickly becoming quite the hotbed for lacrosse (although it is damp, so maybe it’s a hot waterbed).

The foundation for lacrosse has permeated this community, from excellent youth programs that develop the talent, all the way through to nationally competitive high school programs. The fan turn out to LXM206 was proof positive of this strong and growing community.

JC was on the scene, tearing it up. Why wouldn’t a Seattleite go?

Also proven on Sunday: Seattle does have at least one sunny day a year. The sidelines were packed, with ages from ranging from 6 to 60, and more schools from around the greater Seattle area were represented than there are available mascot choices. LAS staff’s favorite mascot? The Ballard Beavers. What is more terrifying than an angry beaver trying to de-stick you? Nothing, clearly.

Pre-game festivities were awesome: vendor tents represented Adrenaline, STX, Sole (with their sweet new lax-bro approved biking line), and the LXM, of course. Swag rats were in heaven: LXM gear was everywhere to be purchased and drooled over. There was even a sighting of the fresh Tropics jerseys that conquered the Tahoe Tournamentat the end of July.

Don’t these guys watch Portlandia? Fix Gear Bikes are OVER!
Certifiably pretty.

The head coach for Notre Dame, Kevin Corrigan, put on an incredible coaching clinic pregame for any local area coach to come and soak up his knowledge. Talking to some of the coaches (yes, the coach from the Ballard Beavers was the primary target for this interview), the overall response to the mini-clinic was great; it was super informative and focused on what the coaches from Seattle wanted to learn. Our recommendation? When LXM hits your town, do not miss the clinics.

But who shows up to a lacrosse game with names like K. Harrison, J. Christmas & the Brattons to learn about lacrosse? Duh. Let’s get to the good part.

JR Oreskovich taking it to the rack.

Seattle lived up to its coffee legend – the players came out pumped up and ready to rip some corners (yes, this is due 100% to Seattle coffee. No, that cannot be proven). Sole took the early lead, scoring minutes after the faceoff, and slightly before the t-shirt tans of fair-skinned Seattleites started to burn. By the end of the first quarter, Sole was in control of the game. Unfortunately for Sole, Kyle Harrison started lighting his team’s fire with a handful of assists.

Sam Bradman rocking the white, blue and pink for Team STX.

As the game progressed, the score grew tighter and tighter, until it was tied. Team STX really turned up the heat in the second half, forcing Sole to play catch up, a role J. Christmas handled deftly, putting in multiple diving crease goals and a beautiful behind the back effort.

Sole want goals!

Alas, all good things must come to an end… Or so we thought, as a last second EMO goal sent the game into overtime. Each keeper came up with a big save in overtime, but in the end, the onslaught of offense from Sole won the game 15-14, with another LAS writer, JR Oreskovich netting the game winner.

Post-game festivities were fun: players signing sticks, shirts, babies, coffee mugs and REI membership cards. But the real story after the game was the overall experience of the event. LXM put on a first class show. Supported by our friends at The Lacrosse Network, the entire game was broadcast online. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the work TLN is doing in the lacrosse community, do that now, these guys are doing great work.

Sole save on their way to the OT win.

Ultimately, TLN and LXM can be summed up by our favorite phrase: Grow the Game. Between the atmosphere created by LXM, the incredible show put on by the LXM players, and the accessibility created by TLN, LXM206 was a huge event for the Seattle lacrosse community, and the greater lacrosse community as a whole. Team LAS was grateful to be a part of the day, and to see #GTG in action!

And, to be real, who can resist endless lax swag? Gym Tan Lax tanks? Love them. Helmets? Yup. Bikes? Who knew that even related to lacrosse!? Halftime sumo wrestling?

1, 2, 3… SUMO.

Irresistible. Moyer throwing a diving stick check to stop Ritz on the doorstep of the goal? Boom. All the ingredients necessary for a shootout in the Rainy City, and a fun day of lacrosse out West.