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Referee coin toss LXM Pro 404 Atlanta

LXM PRO 214: Dallas Preview, Matt Russell is Back!

The LXM PRO tour is on its latest stop and this weekend they are calling Dallas, TX home. Last week, Maverik United was up a cool 16-10 at the half, but Team STX put a stop to the bleeding with an 8 goal run. It came down to the wire, but Maverik could not pack another one in and Team STX held the shutout in the second half. The 8 unanswered goals were just enough to squeak past Mav U. and to come out victorious. The 18-16 win was much needed for Team STX, as they now have a clear series lead with a 4-2 record for the year.

The games keep getting tighter, and if the ATL was any preview of what’s going to happen in the 214, we are in for something special.

Referee coin toss LXM Pro 404 Atlanta
Ready for action!

Opening the faceoff whistle is scheduled for 1:15 CST (that’s 12:15 for you east coast cats, and 3:15 for the western folk) at the Makarow Polo Farms.

Let’s check those rosters huh?

Maverik United

 Shamel Bratton LXM Pro 404 Atlanta
17 goals 7 assists for Shamel so far
0 Shamel Bratton Virginia Midfield
2 Brandon Corp Colgate Attack
3 Jerry Lambe Georgetown Defense
4 Billy Bitter UNC Attack
6 Brendan Porter Rutgers Midfield (D)
16 Mark Staines UNC Defense
20 Alex Demopoulos Denver Attack
21 Sean Lindsay Syracuse Midfield
22 Scott Bollert UNC Defense
23 Nick Tintle UNC Midfield
25 Aaron Prosser Drexel Midfield
28 Zach Brenneman Notre Dame Midfield
29 Johnny Rodriguez Salisbury Goalie
34 Tom Garvey Johns Hopkins Defense
35 Erik Krum Salisbury Attack
44 Whit McCarthy Colby College Midfield
44 Hamilton Pollard Penn State Defense

Team STX

Team STX LXM Pro
Air Russell
2 Ross Gillum Cornell Midfield (A)
5 Andrew Casimir Dowling Defense
7 Geoff Worley Vermont Midfield (A)
8 Francis Donald Nazareth LSM
9 Tommy Kehoe Gettysburg LSM
10 Max Ritz Maryland Attack
11 Maxx Davis UMBC Midfield (D)
12 Sam Bradman Salisbury Midfield
14 Xander Ritz Maryland Attack
15 Peter Baum Colgate Attack
16 Matt Russell Navy Goalie
18 Kyle Harrison Johns Hopkins Midfield
20 Pat Rogers Denver Midfield
21 Tim Desko Syracuse Attack
22 Jamie MacDonald Denver Defense
81 Sean DeLaney UNC Midfield

Matt Russell Is Back!

As most of us know, Matt Russell had to sit out last week in Atlanta after breaking his thumb out in Sacramento. Pierce Bassett was a quality replacement for Matt, helping Team STX tally another W. Matt’s leadership and toughness is unparalleled, I know the STX crew must be pumped to have him back in cage.

Christmas Out, Demopoulos In!

Referee coin toss LXM Pro 404 Atlanta
Is #1 replaceable?

This week, Johnny Christmas was left off the roster. I’m not exactly sure why, but I do know that he will be missed. John has punched in 18 goals and 7 assists so far this year, so his offensive wizardry will be hard to replace. Maverik United might have found a pretty decent answer for the dilemma in Alex Demopolous. Demopolous, a Denver Pioneer standout, has hopped on the roster for this week’s stop after struggling to find his place in the MLL and NLL. I’m excited for his debut and maybe the LXM PRO tour will be a perfect fit for him.

Check It Out!

This game will be huge. The winner of this weekend’s game will more or less decide the outcome of the season. Maverik United needs a big win to get back in the race, but another W for Team STX will make the road to overall victory for the 2013 season for Mav U. seemingly insurmountable.

Check out the action tomorrow, 1:15 CST only on The Lacrosse Network

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