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LXM PRO 916 Video, Stats, And Recap

The LXM ATS (Lacrosse x Movement Tournament Series) enjoyed some fantastic weather in California’s capital city, and fans were treated to an exciting game, where Team STX topped Maverik United 12-10. The week before, STX had won 20-19 in Utah, and it was interesting to see the two teams play such different games. 22 goals is a lot, but it’s nothing like a 39 goal game! So how did STX pull out the W this past weekend, and why did we see a dip in scoring?

It’s good to note that both STX and Maverik were without one of their best offensive players. Kyle Harrison (STX) was at Team USA tryouts in Virginia, and Billy Bitter (Maverik) was out with an injury. While these two guys are explosive players, I don’t think that was why we saw a dip in scoring. In my opinion, the scoring dip was a result of awesome goaltending and improved team defense for both squads.


Johnny Rodriguez made 17 saves for Maverik and was good on loose balls. Early on, Rodriguez gave up a goal on the clear, but for the rest of the game he was solid outside of the crease, and definitely tried to spark United with transition. STX’s Matt Russell made 16 saves for the win, and in a crazy twist, he broke his thumb mid-game.

Sam Bradman led the way for STX, scoring 5 goals and dropping an assist. He was named the game MVP for that effort. With about 12:30 left in the 3rd quarter, Bradman was involved in a sweet hidden ball trick with Maxx Davis. The game is worth a watch just for that!


Peter Baum had three goals for STX, and Maverik had pretty balanced scoring from their offensive guys. It was good to see some relatively new faces see some success as well. Jack Walsh (Brown) played well for STX, sniping at least one goal, and Jon Livadas did well for Maverik, getting up and down, and adding another dynamic player to their roster.


Maverik United: Johnny Christmas – 2 goals, 1 assist, Erik Krum – 3 goals, Brandon Corp – 1 goal, 2 assists, Shamel Bratton – 1 goal, 1 assist, Sean Lindsay – 1 assist, Nick Tintle – 1 goal, Whit McCarthy – 2 goals

Team STX: Geoff Worley – 1 goal, Xander Ritz – 1 goal, Peter Baum – 3 goals, Jack Walsh – 1 goal, Davey Emala – 2 goals, 1 assist, Maxx Davis – 1 assist, Sam Bradman – 5 goals, 1 assist