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LXM Pro: A Spectator’s Perspective

Continuing our look back at some events that took place in the not too distant past, we come to our last event the; LXM Pro Tour.

If you haven’t heard about LXM, then you really need to get out more often.  But just in case, LAS did an interview with LXM Pro founders, Scott Hochstadt and Xander Ritz.  Go back and read that and this article by US Lacrosse before you continue with this.

Editor’s note: This quick video re-cap just dropped from the LXM Pro YouTube channel:

Great, great event!  Scott Hochstadt and crew certainly got the lacrosse ball rolling with the kickoff to the LXM Pro Tour, in Orange County.  Imagine a concert, two lacrosse games, a comedy show and awesome weather all rolled into one, and you get LXM Pro.  We can without a doubt say we had fun.

Being that this was the kick off event to the kick off tour then it’s understandable that things were a little small and at times a little like…  whaaat.  Here’s a recap of the events and a few suggestions for next year’s event. (Keeping fingers crossed it comes back next year.)

At 9:00 am there was a casting call for any athletes interested  in trying out for future Hollywood productions. Crooked Arrows was being cast, so that’s kinda of cool that a lax film was being cast at a lax event.  Not too sure how this was received because we didn’t care, so we didn’t go.  I can imagine however that there was a pretty big turnout.  Here in CA, whenever there is a mass call for anything tons of people turnout.  Make it a Hollywood casting call and it’s even worse.  But like we said we didn’t go so we aren’t sure.

Not really sure what happened after the Hollywood thing until 1:oopm.  That’s when the pre-game clinic kicked off.  I think this is when the rush of people also hit the venue.(Santa Ana Municipal Stadium)  When we arrived there was a huge bottleneck at the gates.  Due in part to the security.  Santa Ana PD and event security were checking folks with the wand metal detectors which slowed things down a bit getting in.  It got to the point where they had to start calling kids up to get through the line because the clinic was starting.

OK finally we got past the security, ran past vendor villiage and made our way to the clicnic.  Kyle Harrison and team STX put on a pre-game clinic for middle and high school kids.  In theory this was probably a great idea.  In reality this turned out to be a minor disaster.  First off, the clinic instructors were on the field, while all the kids were in the stands.  To make things worse the side stage bands were playing and the volume from the bands drowned out the instructors.  So it ended up being a meet some cool players and watch them show off their stick tricks clinic.

After the clinic the showcase event got underway.  MCLA powerhouse Chapman University versus UC Santa Barbara.  This was the highpoint of the day.  Chaptown handled the Gauchos pretty easily.  I think the score was like 100 to 2 in favor of the Panthers.  Yes we’re exaggerating,  (19-8) Chapman was looking hardcore.  They still were not to the level that you want to be at on your season opener, however it was evident that they are a top contender for a reason.  Yes Con Bro Chill delivered 8 goals, but 11 goals were from other players. So look forward to getting to know more about Chapman lacrosse as we bring you coverage about them in the near future. Like next week.

Eric Schwartz: Who are you?

What to say about UCSB.  They are really gonna have to work hard this year.  8 goals is nothing to feel bad about.  They are a young team that will definitely be interesting to watch over the next couple of years to see how they grow.

After the MCLA match up came the pro game.  You may be asking yourselves why we didn’t consider this match the showcase event.  Well all these fellas have had their turn.  It’s the Chapmans and the Santa Barbaras that keep our interest because we want to see how far they are going to go this year.  Don’t get us wrong we loved watching the pro level action.  Especially the antics that happen on field.

The MC for the whole event was a dude named Eric Schwartz.  We’re not sure why, but he somehow got tapped to host this gig. He would announce the next activity, and do some stand up while things were in transition. He lost cred when he called Team STX, “Team sticks.”  Kind of funny but not really winning over the crowd.  That was our impression

Last thing of the night was a full on concert.  We didn’t stay for the full show, but the lineup included QWES, 3OH!3, and Drake among others.  This was a good move by Scottie and team.  Draw people in with the music, introduce ’em to lacrosse and see what sticks.

Overall this thing was awesome.  Two lax games in the middle of November, outside.  Pre-game clinic for the kiddies, and some serious grub for the munchies, carne asada tacos, grilled chicken, hamburgers, the works.  The vendor village had some nice representation.  STX, Cascade, Adrenaline, South Swell and more.  Keep this going and it’s gonna be a hit every time.

Finally some suggestions for an even better event next time:

  1. Move the pre-game clinic  to 9:ooam.  Kill the Sports Studio casting thing.  The kids need to be on the field, sticks in hand, practicing what the instructors are showing.
  2. This is a pet peeve thing but drop the 949 from the advertising images.(you can see it in the very top image)  Yes South County is all rich and whatever, but there’s a whole other half of OC that plays the game.  Santa Ana isn’t even in the 949.
  3. Get a new host.  Anyone. Sorry Smooth-E.
  4. Max it out. Keep building the event and the sport


Last but not least. Mikey Powell was slated to play in the pro game.  He didn’t make it.  Maybe he’s looking for a new direction.

Music Notes with Mark Bialczak: Mike Powell

Hey have you heard; Kyle Harrison has joined the coaching staff for Chapman University.  We are gonna get to the bottom of that.
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