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LXM PRO Kicks Off On Saturday In Orange County

The LXM PRO swings back into action on Saturday, June 8th in Orange County, California. While the location isn’t a new one (LXM has held numerous events in the OC), the game itself definitely presents a number of new aspects to the LXM, and we’re excited to preview some of these evolutions the Tour will see in 2013. (Note: Adrenaline, an LXM sponsor, is a proud partner of LAS.)

Team STX Vs Maverik United

Last year STX took on Solé in the games, and while it was great to see two sponsors step up last year, it’s even better to see two lacrosse sponsors step up this year. Now STX and Maverik athletes (as well as some Easton athletes!) will all compete out on the same field, and I’m endlessly intrigued to see how these manufacturers will be able to work together to promote their brands.

Incredible save!

In the beginning, this corporate rivalry will add a definite punch to the games. STX does not want to lose to Maverik and vice versa. Many of the guys on the teams actively rep their sponsors, so the pressure will be very real. If you thought the LXM guys didn’t have anything to play for before, now they have something very concrete to play for. Increased competition in a two team tour? It’s definitely possible!

The addition of Maverik as a sponsor also begs the question, WHEN WILL WE SEE A THIRD (or even fourth) LXM TEAM? If one lacrosse manufacturer gets on board (STX), it can be seen as a marketing ploy. When two manufacturers get involved, the LXM gains serious traction. If they get a third sponsor, and team, involved? Well, you get the picture. I’ll save the rest of LXM expansion theory for a future post!

Maverik – Billy Bitter Is Playing

Maverik United joins the LXM, and so does Billy Bitter! West Coast fans will be treated to another huge name in lacrosse playing right in front of them, and the LXM is buoyed by a superstar talent. This will be Bitter’s first LXM appearance, and I for one can’t wait to see what he’s capable of doing in a wide open game.

billy bitter charlotte hounds mll lacrosse
Photo Credit: 24 Seven Lax

STX – Baum(s) Away!

Not Baum is away like he is not going to play… Baums away like he’s a bomb about to go off. Want to see Peter Baum (the 2012 Tewaaraton Award winner) make his professional debut? Well then make your way to the OC and watch this LXM game. I’m thrilled to see Baum go against the defenders for Maverik United (he’ll be playing for STX), and I think Bitter and Baum could have an immediate contest in one-ups-manship, which could be electric.

Metropolitan Classic: Michigan Vs Colgate

SWAG For Days

Now I am not a HUGE gear guy, but I know a lot of people out there are, and this LXM game should definitely feature some new flashy gear, and brightly colored uniforms. K18 will be rocking new Huarache 4s from Nike, and you just know someone is going to be wearing a new ridiculous pair of custom gloves. It’s the season kick off, you know you’ll see something sweet.

An OC Community Introspective

If you’ve been around the OC lacrosse scene, or even the LXM in general, this could be a really interesting game just because it will show how the community is changing, and growing. Events like this consistently draw well in Orange County, California and the atmosphere is always good. If you want to get to know West Coast lacrosse, this is an event worth checking out.

The OTHER Stuff

Of course, there is also a ton of “other stuff” going on at the LXM game in Orange County. Adrenaline will be there in full force, and they are teaming up with SKLZ to run a combine. There will also be games featuring younger age groups, autograph sessions, and so much more.

One extremely cool game will be the Adrenaline All-American Game, which features many of the best players on the West Coast, and should draw in plenty of college coaches, as well as fans, friends, and family. Want to talk about sweet gear? The AAA Game usually delivers in a big way on that front as well.

The Weather

Right now, it looks like the weather is going to be perfect for lacrosse. Some sunshine, some clouds, and a warm 79 degrees is all in the forecast right now. By the time the AAA Game is over, temps could be down to the low 60s, which is still pretty darn nice!


While I understand why some writers out there still doubt the LXM, I am actually pretty excited for it. Sure, it hasn’t evolved into a full on league yet, and the Tour has had some rough attendance numbers at certain events. But one thing is for sure, these guys are learning, and improving, each time they hit the circuit. If you look back at the older OC events, and then compare it to this one, you will see the improvement for yourself.

With that in mind, the LXM’s trajectory is strong, and it’s what gives me hope that 2013 will only continue to get better. Will there be hiccups? Of course. Will there be controversy? Probably, because that is life. But is there also opportunity, and potential for greatness? No question.

Check out the game on Saturday if you’re in the area, or watch it on The Lacrosse Network if you’re not in Orange County. Either way, I think you’ll be a little more impressed by what you see. Game time is 4:30 PM PT (7:30 PM ET).