LXM PRO Los Angeles, Maverik United Team STX
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LXM PRO 805 Recap & Helmet Contest Winner Announced!

Well the feeling is bittersweet, the 2013-14 LXM PRO season is now officially behind us. It’s time for the boys to go home and train for the next season, and probably do a little coaching in between.

We are sure a ton of you tuned in to this weekend’s action in Los Angeles with hopes of winning a brand new LXM PRO replica helmet from LaxAllStars’ partner, Cascade! I’m sure you are glad you tuned in too – the game was incredibly close all the way down to the final goal.

First Quarter

LXM PRO Los Angeles, Maverik United Team STX

From everything that I’ve seen this season, this was the sloppiest first quarter of the 2013-14 LXM PRO Tour. The ball kept finding it’s way up and down the field, yet no team seemed to actually produce a quality possession. Uncharacteristically, Team STX goalie, Matt Russell, threw the ball away a few times in the first half, something we haven’t seen him do all year. Matt credits the short goalie shaft to having quick and accurate passing, maybe the recent thumb injury was bothering him while throwing, I’m not too sure.

After a dismall start, the sleeping giant was awakened. Peter Baum got the dish from Kyle Harrison and popped one in to mark the first goal of the game. Maverik United strong man, Erik Krum, followed suit getting some love from Whit McCarthy, burying it in the back of the net. Sam Bradman didn’t wait much longer to join the party, with his goal pushing Team STX back into the lead. Almost immediately after, Sean Lindsay and Kit Smith each bought a goal to push Maverik United ahead 3-2.

On his way to the breakout game we’ve been waiting for from the Tewaarton winner, Baum scored his second of the game, immediately followed by a MavU goal from Brandon Corp. Not letting former Colgate alum, Corp, show him up, Baum recorded the hat trick off a feed from Greg Peyser to end the first quarter, tied 4-4.

Second Quarter

LXM PRO Los Angeles, Maverik United Team STX

Team leader K18 got the ball moving early and punched one in to get Team STX a small lead. MavU kept knocking, but Matt Russell was not letting any of the shots come in, and after making a big save, he hit the workhorse, Benson Erwin, on a pretty streak down the field. Benson forced the fast break and hit Baum on the money for his fourth of the evening. Erwin was a terror in LA, he was snagging passes, aggressive on ground balls and was everywhere the team needed him to be – it was a very loud game from the quite man.

Kit Smith got one for MavU to end Team STX’s two-goal streak, but Peter Baum secured his fifth goal of the game soon after. Greg Peyser beat Johnny Rodriguez to push the spread to 8-5. Matt Miller snagged a ground ball at the midline and worked it down to Bradman for his second tally of the game. The Team STX hot streak rolled on for a couple more goals, one being the Ritz brothers combo and a defensive middie connection from Benson Erwin to Maxx Davis.

Although it seemed that Team STX was running the show, Lindsay and Smith found success pushing in two goals for Maverik United before the half. When the second quarter came to an end, Team STX had a small 11-7 lead.

Third Quarter

LXM PRO Los Angeles, Maverik United Team STX

Maverik United scored the first of the half by way of Nick Tintle capitalizing off the pass from Erik Krum, which was preceded by a huge save from Johnny Rodriguez. Another sleeping giant was awakened when Brandon Corp decided to pack a couple goals in to get the lead within one. My favorite of Corp’s goals game from a between the legs Krummy rip which ricocheted off the post and straight to Brandon, where he cranked up the driver and sent a low to high missile right past Matt Russell.

Like I said, Peter Baum went nuts, and his second hat trick of the game pushed the teams a little farther apart, now 12-10. Brandon Corp didn’t seem to accept Team STX’s constant push for the lead, as he had a plan of his own. Corp replied to the “Baum-ing” of goals with a highlight diving wrap around goal to secure a hat trick for himself.

Shamel Bratton came alive finally half way through the third quarter when he tied up the score which was followed by a Sean Lindsay goal, his third of the night, now giving Maverik the lead they desired. Bratton responded immediately with his second goal to make the lead 14-12. For STX, Sam Bradman then ripped a nasty one in on a feed from Baum. Although Matt Russell made some lights-out saves, MavU was able to sneak in two late goals to end the third with a 16-13 lead.

Fourth Quarter

LXM PRO Los Angeles, Maverik United Team STX

Peter Baum seriously had something to prove in Southern California, as the man started the fourth quarter with his seventh goal of the game. Team STX tallied another two goals after Peter in the beginning of the fourth quarter, putting both teams back on even terms. Harrison scored a huge goal in transition after Matt Russell came through with the big save, moving the score to 16-15 in favor of MavU. Xander Ritz helped brother Max Ritz find twine again to knot the game up at 16 all. Matt Miller came back with rebound goal on the crease, now pushing Team STX up by one, 17-16. STX then committed a penalty with under 4:00 minutes to go in the game. The Maverik United man up opportunity was wasted when an undisciplined pass from Bratton pushed MavU back on defense.

A late timeout was called which evolved into Kit Smith scoring his fourth, tying it at 17s with 5:00 minutes to go. Shamel Bratton pounded a beauty off the pipe to give MavU the advantage. Maverik United had the game under wraps until Matt Russell snagged a pass out of the air and forced the transition. Peter Baum got his hands on the rock and took it behind and moved it to Sam Bradman out left. Bradman dodged topside and beat Rodriguez with an outside shot that I’m sure everyone thought J-Rod would sniff out. Sam tied the game 18-18 with neither team able to buy a goal before the end of regulation.


OT didn’t last long. Greg Peyser plunged the ball forward on the draw, moving it up to hit point man Baum, who bumped it on to Xander Ritz for the game winner. Xander won the game again for Team STX, this time only twelve seconds into sudden death victory. The final score was secured, and Team STX took the last win of the 2o13-14 LXM PRO season with a 19-18 victory.

Peter Baum was awarded with the #AllFightNoFlight MVP honor. He was a “man-chine” all game long, finally finishing with seven goals and two assists. Baum’s insane performance actually was enough to tie him with Sam Bradman for the overall points leader for the 2013-14 season.

LXM PRO Los Angeles, Maverik United Team STX


LXM Helmet Giveaway

To win a replica of either Maverik United or Team STX’s 2013-14 LXM PRO helmet, you had to comment on the contest post with the following correct answers:

1. Team STX (Winner of the game)

2. 19 to 18 (Final score)

3. Sam Bradman (Scoring Champion)

4. 39 (Scoring Champion season total goals)

Team STX LXM Pro helmet

The winner of the new Cascade bucket just like the one you see on Matt Russell  (above) is….


My man guessed the correct score of 19-18 and chose Sam Bradman as this year’s scoring champion. The decision was easy because huckcody was the only one to guess the score correctly. Congratulations huckcody, send us an email with your mailing address and we will get you set up with a brand new Team STX helmet from Cascade!

I bet the hard part will be deciding whether he will ever wear it or just hang it on the shelf.