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LXM PRO Pumpkin Carving Competition

Kyle Harrison, Andrew Casimir, Brendan Porter and Maxx Davis were having a good old-fashioned LXM PRO Pumpkin Carving Contest at Kyle’s place a couple of nights back, and we asked them to submit a photo of the pumpkins, so that they could be judged by the LAS faithful!

Of course Kyle delivered with a great photo of the orange squashes, but thankfully he didn’t tell us who carved each Pumpkin! So now you have to decide a winner, not based on who carved each jack-o-lantern, but simply by which Pumpkin was carved the best! Or maybe which sports team you prefer.


No lacrosse pumpkins and no Hop or collegiate pumpkins… we’re stumped! The only way to settle this is with a scientific LAS poll. So cast you vote below, and let your sporting Pumpkin allegiance be known!

Which pumpkin is the best?

<a href=””>Which pumpkin is the best?</a>And we’re serious… when will Kyle and the LXM PRO get a Bobble Head going?