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MadDog Lacrosse Vail Lacrosse Shootout 2021
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MadDog Lacrosse, Hero’s Lacrosse Raise Trophies in Vail

The Vail Lacrosse Shootout reached its halfway point on Wednesday as the U19 Boys and Girls closed out their divisions with four separate championship games. On the Boys side, newcomers MadDog Lacrosse made a championship win almost look easy with a decisive win against ADVNC SF. In the Girls Gold division, Hero’s Lacrosse defeated the defending champions Team HLA. The Silver division champion was Team Tennessee after an 11-6 victory over No-Excuse. It was a hometown showdown in the Bronze division first-place game with 5280 Girls Lacrosse winning against True Denver Black 8-5.

The second half of the Shootout kicks off tomorrow with Men’s and Women’s Elite and Men’s Masters divisions.

MadDog Lacrosse, Hero’s Lacrosse Winners in Vail

Day 5 Photos

MadDog Lacrosse Vail Lacrosse Shootout 2021
MadDog Lacrosse Vail Lacrosse Shootout 2021
MadDog Lacrosse Vail Lacrosse Shootout 2021
MadDog Lacrosse Vail Lacrosse Shootout 2021
MadDog Lacrosse Vail Lacrosse Shootout 2021
MadDog Lacrosse Vail Lacrosse Shootout 2021
MadDog Lacrosse Vail Lacrosse Shootout 2021
MadDog Lacrosse Vail Lacrosse Shootout 2021
MadDog Lacrosse Vail Lacrosse Shootout 2021
MadDog Lacrosse Vail Lacrosse Shootout 2021

Results for Wednesday, June 30

U19 Boys
CHAMPIONSHIP: MadDog Lacrosse 11, ADVNC SF 4 
Adrenaline Tropics 14, FCA 4 
Team CO 18, Barley’s Backyard 2 
Wasatch LC 12, Team 12 Red 11 
Omnia 17, Rocky Mountain Highlanders 4 
Strungout Lacrosse 13, Watermelon Sugar 2

Final Division 1 Standings 
1st– MadDog Lacrosse 
2nd– ADVNC SF 
3rd– Adrenaline Tropics 
4th– FCA 
5th– Team CO 
6th– Barley’s Backyard 
7th– Wasatch LC 
8th– Team 12 Red 
Final Division 2 Standings 
1st– Strungout Lacrosse 
2nd– Omnia 
3rd– Watermelon Sugar 
4th– Rocky Mountain Highlanders

U19 Boys All-Star Team 
Tynan Walsh – MadDog 
Sean Cameron – FCA 
Ryan Levy – Strungout Lacrosse 
Billy Barnds – ADVNC SF 
Evan Plunkett – MadDog 
Colin Mulshine – FCA 
McNight Pederson – Adrenaline Tropics 
Spaulding Hall – ADVNC SF 
Zach Bezzant – Wasatch LC 
Matt Nunes – Adrenaline Tropics 
Ryan Croddick – MadDog 
Lou Aboyoun – MadDog

U19 Girls
Gold Division 
CHAMPIONSHIP: Hero’s Green 9, Team HLA 4 
Redshirts 1, Ryleigh’s Oysters 0 (Forfeit) 
Puget Sound Select 7, Team 4D 6 
GA Outlaws 8, Wasatch LC 4
Final Gold Division Standings 
1st– Hero’s Green 
2nd– Team HLA 
3rd– Redshirts 
4th– Ryleigh’s Oysters 
5th– Puget Sound Select 
6th– Team 4D 
7th– GA Outlaws Purple 
8th– Wasatch LC

Silver Division 
CHAMPIONSHIP: Team Tennessee 11, No-Excuse 6 
Stars Light Blue 9, GA Outlaws Gray 10 
Houston Heat 7, Colorado Command 6 
Summit Elite 10, True CO Committed 4  
Final Silver Division Standings 
1st– Team Tennessee 
2nd– No-Excuse 
3rd– GA Outlaws Gray 
4th– Stars Light Blue 
5th– Houston Heat 
6th– Colorado Command 
7th– Summit Elite 
8th– True CO Committed

Bronze Division 
CHAMPIONSHIP: 5280 Girls Lacrosse 8, True Denver Black 5 
Stars Navy 8, True CO White 7 
Summit Select 8, West Slope 1 
Utah Liberty 12, True Denver Green 6 
Final Bronze Division Standings 
1st– 5280 Girls Lacrosse  
2nd– True Denver Black 
3rd– Stars Navy 
4th– True CO White 
5th– Summit Select 
6th– West Slope 
7th– Utah Liberty  
8th– True Denver Green

U19 Girls All-Star Team 
Emma Kennedy – Hero’s Green 
Cate Bradley – Team HLA 
Kylie Kenny – Team 4D 
Lexi Tinker – GA Outlaws Gray 
Grace Muldoon – Team HLA 
Anna Simmons – Puget Sound Select 
Kendall VanMeveren – Summit Elite 
Lauren Feeley – Stars Navy 
Grace Weigand – Team HLA 
Jessie Bare – Redshirts 
Cydney Lisk – Hero’s Green 
Lauren Spence – Team 4D 
Maggie Weisman – Hero’s Green 
Tami Tommila & Barb Reibsamen – Puget Sound Select

Schedule for Thursday, July 1 (Day 6)

Men’s Elite
Ford 1 East 
9:00am       Spire vs. 10th Mountain   
11:00am     Mohawk Tile vs. Nut Chasers  
1:00pm       Scorebreak/ vs. Texas Forever 
Ford 2 West 
9:30am       Finkel & Garf vs. Low Key Boys  
11:30am     Rocky Mountain Oysters vs. Omnia  
1:30pm       BGH vs. Winner of Game 1 
Edwards Turf 
9:30am       Rogue vs. Sons of Joe 
11:30am     Black Seals vs. Silver Bullets 
1:30pm       The Deli vs. Magic Wands

Women’s Elite
8:30am       The Tools vs. Orange County  
9:40am       LGR vs. Renegades 
10:50am     Pete’s Margs vs. Orange County 
12:00pm     Renegades vs. CO Laxers 
1:10pm       Pete’s Margs vs. The Tools 
2:20pm       LGR vs. CO Laxers 
9:40am       Win or Booze vs. Landsharks 
10:50am     5th Beers vs. Ripshaw 
1:10pm       5th Beers vs. Landsharks 
2:20pm       Win or Booze vs. Ripshaw 

Men’s Masters
Vail Mountain School 
9:00am       Team DLL vs. Silver Oysters Laxgear 
10:30am     10th Mountain Whiskey vs. Silver Oysters Laxgear 
12:00pm     10th Mountain Whiskey vs. Tony’s Tavern 
1:30pm       Team DLL vs. Yardsale 

Vail Lacrosse Shootout Schedules

High School Boys & Girls (U19): June 27th – 30th 
Zenmasters (60 & Over): June 26th – June 28th 
Grandmasters (50 & over): June 26th – June 28th 
Supermasters (40 & over): June 26th – June 28th 
Elite Men & Women: July 1st– 4th 
Masters Men & Women (30 & over): July 1st – 3rd

In case you missed them, you can find out daily updates on the 49th Vail Lacrosse Shootout here, and stay tuned for continuing photos and recaps throughout the event.