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Malcolm Chase’s Ding Dong Kayak Takeaway Check

There is nothing quite like a truly great takeaway check in a lacrosse game. Sure, goals, passes and ground balls can be pretty, or awe-inspiring, but a great takeaway check is a true joy to behold. And I don’t know that there is a single player out there right now more dedicated to takeaway checks than Malcolm Chase of the LXM Pro and

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Luckily for all of us, Malcolm is here to quickly drop knowledge on you regarding the Ding Dong Kayak lacrosse takeaway check, and if you’re impressed, we have a way for you to see and learn so much more!

It was windy that day, so let me fill you in on a couple of the pointers Malcolm made during his how-to session:

1) The way Malcolm throws this check, it is best utilized when the player carrying the ball has his stick in the same as the defender, meaning if the defender is a righty, this check is best thrown when the offensive player is carrying the stick in their right hand as well.

2) The two front slap checks induce the offensive player to move his stick behind his body, and this also makes him think you will go for the over-the-head check. To set up this check for later in a game, it can be good to throw two slap checks and then throw an over-the-head check. Then, later in the game, the offensive player will think you are doing the same thing… when you’re really throwing the D-D-K.

3) MOVE YOUR FEET! Malcom teaches the check standing still, but you’ll never throw this check standing still in a game. So start at a slow jog, and then build your way up to full speed and on the run.

4) Mix up your checks! Don’t just learn the Ding Dong Kayak and then throw that one check ALL the time.  Learn lots of checks, mix it up and become a terror on the field!

To learn more about how to become a check throwing master, check out Malcolm’s DVD! It’s sure to teach you all kinds of new checks and techniques, and it gives you the tools you need to become a dominant long pole.