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Malcolm Chase Hawaii lacrosse stick break check
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Chasing Hercules: Hawai’i 2012 – The Journey Begins

Editor’s Note: Malcolm Chase wrote this on October 10th, 2012, in preparation for the 2012 Hawai’i Lacrosse Invitational. Malcolm is an LXM PRO and a staple out in Hawai’i. Less than two weeks until the trip of the year begins anew… let’s see what Mr. Chase is up to!


The Wimmer Solutions team spent about 3 months post 2011 Hawaii Tournament de-briefing, tweeting, basking, reminiscing, crying – some team members may even have been looking at Hawaiian real estate. Regardless of how we dealt with having to leave our good friends, paradise, and some just plain flat out amazing lacrosse, the most common answer to filling our void was Hawaii Lacrosse Invitational 2012!

After last year, many of us, yours truly included, became “Lifers”. That is, as long as Wimmer Solutions continues on its mission to bring these great players, who happen to be amazing people that commit to playing their hearts out, to raise money for people who truly need help, then we are in!

Malcolm Chase Wimmer Solution Hawaii Grow The Game
Malcolm, with the pink GTG box lid, is now a Wimmer Lifer!

Josh Rachman aka “Rock” (and trust me, the name fits), A-Train (Anthony Kelly), Kyle Hartzell, and our good friend Anthony Luccetta aka Lucc (phonetically Looch), have been talking about our first couple of pre-tourney days already. No doubt this crew will seek out some local flavor, sights, as well as some serious #getmeaty sessions at a local gym to ensure we are physically ready to take on the challenges of the weekend.

Dirty Lax, out of Canada, proved to us last year that our star-studded squad would not be afforded a cake walk to the championship after our 5-4 all out battle. Those guys are likely doing 12oz.-16oz. curls as I write this to get ready for the event, so we know we have to prep with equal tenacity. Fortunately, Lucc set a bunch of us up with some nutritional supplements courtesy of his company …so we will be ready. Thanks Lucc!

And now here we are. Less than two weeks until about half of Wimmer arrives on the Island. Of course we’ve made a lot of friends from all over the world – locals too – that we are looking forward to sharing good times with. I will blog periodically leading up to Hawaii Lacrosse and then at least once per day throughout the tournament to key all of the LAS readers in on some of the cool happenings.

I could not be more excited to play in paradise another year and to write something to raise awareness for our charities, help Grow The Game (#GTG!), and hopefully get more of you all out here for years to come. Who knows.. maybe some of you will one day become Lifers too!

I’ll also be sure to hook you all up with some pre-tourney training soon. In the meantime…