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Man-Balling, the Next Big Craze?

We get A LOT of interesting stuff posted up to the Facebook page, but when this came through, we knew we had to share it with you.

Reader Pete Wilson posted this video to our wall saying that this just might be the next craze to hit the lacrosse world. What do YOU think?

Here is a description of ‘Man-Balling’, as given by our good friend Pete.

The idea is simple:

1. Start with a typical everyday scene.
2. Introduce a ground ball.
3. Scoop up that ground ball using the Man/Ball method in the funniest way possible.

Note: Ideally, two lax bro’s would carry out this drill. Bro’s can communicate preferences by shouting “I got man” or “I got ball”. However, if a lax bro is shorthanded, it is up to him to carry out both tasks.

Video to give basic idea.

Ground balls win games.


Okay Pete, we’re with you. Lax nation, are you buying in to the ‘Man-Balling’ craze? Ground balls DO win games, after all.