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Marcus Holman signing autograph
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Marcus Holman 1on1

Editor’s note: In his debut podcast, Ryan Flanagan goes one-on-one with fellow Major League Lacrosse All Star Marcus Holman. Listen up as these two UNC Tarheels cover everything from Marcus’ upbringing to early recruiting and what it takes to be a professional lacrosse player. We hope you enjoy!

Marcus Holman Tells All

1on1 with Ryan FlanaganHighlights from this episode include:

  • Marcus feels like he was born with a stick in his hands
  • Growing up in Baltimore, he attended the Gilman School where he played sports with and against some notable lacrosse names in the MIAA
  • “The strength of the wolf is in the pack.”
  • Both of his parents played college lacrosse
  • No holding back when it comes to the topic of early recruiting – hear what #1 thinks!
  • Why did Marcus choose to attend UNC anyway?
  • No summers off.
  • His entire family moved to North Carolina when he went to college; His brother Matt played goalie at UNC and his sister Sydney plays for the Tarheels women’s team right now
  • His father, Brian Holman, came on board as a volunteer coach at UNC before Marcus even got there; To this day Brian still serves as a volunteer assistant under Coach Joe Breschi
  • Marcus ran a sub-5 minute mile in college, I swear.
  • We chat about the 2016 UNC squad, leadership, building up your teammates, and what it takes to win
  • The differences between playing college lacrosse versus pro
  • Life as professional lacrosse player isn’t all rainbows and butterflies…
  • Marcus shares what it was like to train for, tryout for, and play for the USA Indoor Team
  • Training routines, film work, focus, and living in the moment
  • One way he studies the game: watching the great players and teams of today
  • What will Marcus be doing in 10 years?
  • And much, much more!

The day we stop learning is the day we stop living.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Marcus. It was awesome to get a first-hand take at what it’s like to be #1.

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