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Mark Matthews’ First MLL Goal Was AMAZING

Mark Matthews scored a ton of amazing goals while playing for the Denver Pioneers, and he picked up for the Denver Outlaws exactly where he left off in college. Zach Palmer may have been the first guy in recent memory to pull off the one hand wrap shot, but Matthews has clearly perfected it.

Matthews is simply an unstoppable scoring force no matter where he plays…

I won’t even mention how no penalties were called on the play whatsoever. Oh, wait, I just did.  I saw at least 3 fouls.  How about you?

Palmer’s goal was grand.  No doubt about it.  But the goalie came out and he just had to hit the cage.  Matthews had a defender draped all over him, shot it one handed AND had to beat a goalie, also with one hand. One isn’t better than the other, except maybe it is.

Thanks to Brian Conlon of LaxKingsTV for the heads up on this one! Quite a goal.

Whose one handed lacrosse shot was more impressive? Matthews’, or Palmer’s?