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Mascots, Bill Belichick, Adelphi And More - Crosse Clicks
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Mascots, Bill Belichick, Adelphi And More

Today is a new day for Crosse Clicks, and it all starts with mascots. But first: We’re upping the ante with video, and we’re aiming to continuously improve it over time. I’ll be back Monday to kick things off for five days in a row. In the meantime, enjoy our first take at the new Crosse Clicks!

Mascots, Bill Belichick, Adelphi And More

I printed out Jim Fenzel’s Mascots Bracket, but I got help up trying to draw the perfect Buckeye! Side note: Of all the mascots in college lacrosse, which one is your favorite? I’m a big fan of the Oregon Duck, myself. Someday I hope the Ducks have a men’s NCAA Division I team.

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