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Mastering The Indian Pick Up

Welcome to Mastering the Indian Pick Up!

I caught up with Mitch Belisle in Fort Greene Park (located in Brooklyn, NY) and we got to talking about off season training and things that kids could do to improve their game. A simple way of working on stick skills, wrist strength, ball awareness and overall ground ball skill is by practicing the Indian Pick Up aka a quick stick pick up.

Mitch shows us how it’s done, and explains why this skill is so important for every position on the field!

The Indian Pick Up with Mitch Belisle

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The term “Indian Pick Up” is certainly a tad antiquated, hard to truly define, and has the potential to offend, but in case you were wondering, it definitely has a history all its own.

The term came about when white lacrosse players saw native players pick up the ball with unconventional moves showing fluid motions, and in seemingly impossible ways. Since the move was so fast, and people had a hard time grasping what was going on, the move was simply called the Indian Pick Up. It was shorter and sweeter than calling it “the ground ball where you hit the ball with one part of stick and then let it roll into the scoop on another part of the stick” and the name stuck.

So while we want to see you go out and practice this ground ball technique, we are also aware that the name might need a tweak…

What should this move be called as we continue on in the world? Can we come up with a better, less historically and potentially harmful name for this type of GB? Does Quick Stick Pick Up work? Or can you come up with something better?

Impress us with your naming abilities! Maybe you’ll start the next big trend in lacrosse!