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Matt DeLuca vs John Isner: Matchup Monday

It’s time for Matchup Monday! We’ve been doing a few of these bits on our social media over the last few months and thought we’d try to create more of a story to it on our site as people seem to be having fun with it, so today’s matchup has Delaware lacrosse goalie Matt Deluca going head-to-head with pro tennis player John Isner with some added insight.

Matt DeLuca – John Isner: Matchup Monday

matt deluca john isner matchup monday

Head-To-Head Analysis


At first glance, the obvious comparison is that both of these guys are massive. DeLuca stands at six-feet six-inches and 225 pounds. He’s basically a young Dillon Ward in terms of size and similar position, though it’s hard to compare someone named the best lacrosse goalie in the world at multiple international events to a college lacrosse player — no matter how good DeLuca is. And, DeLuca is quite good.

John Isner has a slight edge in size, standing at six-feet ten-inches and 245 pounds. Which is very, very large for any athlete, nevermind him being a tennis player. Based on the fact that Isner is known as one of the best servers to ever play professional tennis, I would imagine that would have to do with his size and reach. It’s all about the length of the fulcrum according to physics (which you bet I Google’d as I got a C in college physics).

DeLuca is right-handed, while Isner is too. But, Isner also has the capability of the double-handed backhand due to his tennis training, and I personally would never want to mess with someone capable of a strong double-handed backhand.


DeLuca is entering his prime, a young college senior while Isner is the ripe old age of 34. From what I understand about human physiology — which isn’t much — your body starts to actually slowly shrink and deteriorate once you hit your early 30s. If DeLuca is smart, he would play the waiting game and simply try to outlast Isner. It’s not necessarily about how many of the short-term battles you win, but the war.

Wild-Card Factors

Advantage For DeLuca

Now, here is where things get interesting. DeLuca’s mother manages a bowling alley, according to his profile on the Delaware Athletics website. I don’t know how this gives him an edge, but it has to somehow. It’s too interesting of a fact to not be able to utilize. You don’t just have a relative who runs a bowling alley and you aren’t able to capitalize on it. Maybe DeLuca is an incredible marksman or even has a deep knowledge of machinery due to dealing with the apparently complex mechanical systems that return your bowling ball to you after sending your latest gutterball down the lane (speaking from experience). Whatever the advantage is, it has to be good, and will definitely be surprising because we don’t think anyone would even realize the benefit until DeLuca capitalizes on it when Isner is least expecting it.

Advantage for Isner

Isner currently resides in Dallas, Texas. And, if there’s one thing everybody knows, you don’t mess with Texas.

Who Wins Matchup Monday?

Let us know in the comments or by tagging us on social media (@LaxAllStars) who you think has a better shot at winning this matchup. I guess it doesn’t matter what they are competing in — let us know who you think would come out on top in different situations!