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Matt Hickman: Best Shooter In The NALL

There are a bunch of guys who can flat out shoot the rock in the NALL, but I don’t know if any of them can hold a candle to Matt Hickman, of the Baltimore Bombers, right now. This past weekend, in Kentucky, Hickman went OFF, and it seems like every single shot the guy took went in.

Low to low, high to low, LOW TO HIGH! Hickman mixes it up, keeps goalies guessing (and flailing), and just scores goals. What’s not to like?

When one of the NALL’s best players, Andrew Wasik, has this to say about your game, you know you’re a baller:

Hickman was HOT FIRE this past weekend in Kentucky. He was added to the line up to score goals and he exceeded expectations. He’s a pure shooter but will still sacrifice his body to cut the middle hard and finish inside.

By pure shooter, we know Wasik meant that Hickman’s motion was super smooth, and not that he can ONLY shoot the ball, although that is what Hickman seems to do best!