Maverik And Graph-Tex Team Up To Battle Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Edition Maybach Lacrosse Maverik lax

A brand new fresh pair.

A sweet looking pair of gloves that will benefit an excellent cause?  Where can we sign up?  Maverik Lacrosse has teamed up with Graph-Tex and Geared 2 Sports to create a pair of custom gloves and $50 from each sale will be donated to the Carol M. Baldwin Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.  Pretty rad deal for everyone involved!

The gloves are unique in color, that much is for sure, but they also feature another custom detail: pink snakeskin. Tasty. We’ve seen maroon snakeskin before on the Mesa State (NCAA D2) team out in Colorado, but we have never seen it in pink.  That’s a nice touch. Rumor on the street has it that Maverik will soon be unveiling some other textured fabrics for use on their gloves (and arm pads? please say for use on their arm pads!).  You should know this if you’re a die-hard laxer.  If you’re not, well, now you know anyway.

Another rumor is that the Mav Vail Team gloves are going to be insane.  I believe this one 100000%!

Tom Hardy, Director of Sales at Graph-Tex (and whose brother Dan, is a Maverik Team player) was obviously excited to get this project going, but he placed an emphasis on customer satisfaction when he spoke of the two companies (Maverik and Graph-Tex) working together, “It was really a perfect fit for this project and we are excited to see the feedback we will receive from customers”. Doing good things AND trying to please the people? These guys are doing it right!

The gloves will definitely get you noticed on the field, and then when people ask you about them, you can tell them all the good you did just by buying something. AND maybe they’ll get involved and the fight against cancer will get even stronger. People helping people. We like that.

No cut and paste press release here. We’ve got the pics and commentary you won’t find anywhere else!

Breast Cancer Edition Maybach Lacrosse Maverik lax

Shiny. Those are Beta colors.

Breast Cancer Edition Maybach Lacrosse Maverik lax

Where the pink palms at? I kid.

Breast Cancer Edition Maybach Lacrosse Maverik lax

Detail #1. Notice the snakeskin bound books in the background.

Breast Cancer Edition Maybach Lacrosse Maverik lax

Detail #2. Graph-Tex logo. Simple cool factor of 11.

For tips on how to improve the Maverik (well, all gloves actually) cuff, check out this Do-It-Yourself Tip.

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