Maverik M3 gloves launch
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Maverik M3 Gloves Ready For Showtime

Editor’s note: Maverik Lacrosse and Cascade Lacrosse are proud partners and supporters of The Maverik staff recently shared information about the new, third generation Maybach lacrosse gloves with Lacrosse All Stars, including red, white, and blue photos we’re very excited to share. Check out Jeff’s story below for an up close look at the Maverik M3 gloves, and if you like what you see, we recommend taking a walk down LAS memory lane and checking out the old first generation LAS x Maverik Maybach Rocket Pops!

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Elite high school boys lacrosse players participating in the Showtime National Recruiting Spotlight at Western Connecticut State University this week received a nice surprise upon arriving to the invitation-only camp. Founded by former Syracuse All-Americans Joe Ceglia, Michael Springer, and Paul Carcaterra, the event features 160 of the top rising sophomores and rising juniors in boys’ high school lacrosse and is sponsored by Maverik Lacrosse.

Each player received a fresh pair of Maverik M3 gloves customized for the event. As the third generation version of the ever popular Maverik Maybach lacrosse gloves, the M3 mitts may be the company’s most comfortable an durable gloves yet.

Maverik M3 Gloves

The new Maverik M3 gloves feature an “Ax Suede” palm, “Flowcool” venting, and a new, advanced “37.5” technology designed to more rapidly capture and release moisture vapors. Initial response from the elite players in attendance at Showtime was overwhelmingly positive. Players raved about the comfort of the gloves and “Team USA” color theme, and as an added bonus, the gloves matched their all new domes.

Giving 160 high school standouts the chance to shine in front of college recruiters, an invitation to the Showtime camp is one of the most sought after summer lacrosse honors in the Northeast. I attended in 2011, and was astonished by many of the talented players making it rain at Western State U. From an industry standpoint, I think it was a smart move by Bauer to put the new Maverik M3 gloves into the hands of these type of elite players.

Below is a quick look at some of the other lacrosse equipment Maverik delivered. For more information on the new Maverik M3 gloves, visit

Maverik M3 gloves and Cascade R Helmet Maverik M3 gloves and Cascade R Helmet Maverik M3 gloves and Cascade R Helmet Maverik M3 gloves and Cascade R Helmet Maverik M3 gloves and Cascade R Helmet