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Maximum Lacrosse Camps – NYC: Days 3, 4 & 5

Pier 40 NYC
What a venue! What a day! Pier 40 NYC!

Day 1 and Day 2 of last week’s Maximum Lacrosse Camps in New York City went extremely well.  And Days 3, 4, and 5 didn’t disappoint in the slightest.  The weather kept up and it was sunny and warm all week and the kids kept really good attitude throughout.  We knew that it was hot, so while we asked a lot of the kids, we also made sure to keep them very well hydrated.  Water breaks are truly key during Summer lax, not only to avoid over-heating, but also to keep things broken up, so that they don’t get monotonous.

It would be hard to tell (if you judged our campers by their skills and passion) that a lot of the kids had only been playing lacrosse for a year (and in some cases even less), but we had to keep this in the back of our minds constantly.  Some of the kids had never even participated in any type of team sport, so this was a change for them, and it was our responsibility to  make sure their first exposure was a great one!

As you watch the video below, you won’t see “the best” lacrosse you’ve ever seen, but you’ll see a lot of kids getting better and prepping for the next step in their careers.  You’ll also see that every kid is enjoying themselves, and is acting like a kid.  And in this day and age of select teams, blue chip and recruiting camps, and an over-emphasis on “getting exposed”, having a camp like Maximum Lacrosse for these kids could make all the difference.

We had 6th through 10th graders who were just picking the game up for the first time.  We had 2nd graders who had been playing for a year or two.  We had a couple 6th or 7th graders who could eventually play D1 lax… we really had it all.  And by splitting the kids up, then bringing them back together, repeating, and also creating an atmosphere of constant, competitive fun, we were able to see ALL of the kids make huge strides.  It was a great experience at a medium sized (75-150 campers) camp and while I knew Max Seibald was a great player, I now know he’s also a great coach.

This week the camps shrinks, I’m running the show for the most part (on the field anyway!) and we have some special guests coming later in the week, like Malcolm Chase and Brian Karalunas from LongStickMiddie.com!  Should be another exciting week of NYC Lax Camp!

Pier 40 NYC

What a venue! What a day! Pier 40 NYC!

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