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maximum lacrosse box lacrosse gear
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Maximum Lacrosse – NEW Box Lacrosse Pads!

Maximum Lacrosse is back and making amazing box lacrosse padding up in Canada, and if you’re American, maybe you’ve never heard of them before, but they have more experience making box pads than almost any other company out there…


Actually, it’s pretty simple. Maximum Lacrosse has been around for decades, and is run by Marty O’Neill. The man KNOWS box lacrosse like few others EVER. SrA, NLL, WHATEVER… he’s done it! Marty has played, he’s coached, he’s designed gear for major manufacturers, and he’s been offering up his own line of gear in smaller batches for decades, and I can tell you right now…

It. Is. Legit.

maximum lacrosse box lacrosse gear

From gloves to arm pads, bicep pads, shoulder pads, kidney pads, face masks, youth gear, and a full line of goalie gear, Maximum Lacrosse has once again re-entered the box padding game full bore.

O’Neill has taken all the things he’s learned in his many years with the game, improved upon it ALL, and has made some truly awesome gear. The first run of the new stuff is out now, available, and it will impress you. It has impressed me quite a bit, and it has impressed every box player I’ve shown it to. That says something. Tried, tested, true.

Let’s go through the products piece by piece!

I got all the men’s senior padding directly from Marty, and I wore it this winter during the NYC box lacrosse league. He said check it our and be brutal if need be. So I was prepared to be brutal… but it was hard. Why?

Quite simply, the gear served me well, and now that I’ve used it for a full season, I feel comfortable giving it a thorough review. The only bias here is that Marty sent me the gear for free. Make of that what you will, but Maximum Lacrosse is not a partner of ours, nor do they advertise with our website.

Maximum Lacrosse – MX-AG-100

The MX Arm Guard is serious business. It has a rounded hard plastic elbow cap, extends up the upper arm quite far (to fit under a bicep pad), and has excellent flexibility from the get go. Its biggest selling point is the massive forearm slash guard, which offers unparalleled protection for the lower arm. For offensive box guys who want a fully padded up arm, this is a great option.

The padding stays in place, is reasonably adjustable, and comes in a neutral grey and black color. The MaxLax website says it’s not intended for field, but I could honestly see field players wearing these. One thing to consider is how long your gloves are. Longer gloves could potentially rub against the thick forearm padding, so if you have shorter gloves, these arm pads will work great, and give you all the protection you need.

maximum lacrosse box lacrosse gear

Maximum Lacrosse – MX-BP-PRO

The Bicep Pad might just be the best I’ve ever worn. It’s hard plastic, fully protective, AND it is pre-molded to your upper arm, assuming you have a normal upper arm! Since most people do, it’s genius. The pad stays in place, offers superb protection, and had TWO tight velcro straps to minimize the need for excessive electrical tape. The bicep pads are straight killer. Best I’ve seen EVER. Hands down.

MX-13 SR Face Mask

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12.33.29 PM

I loved the old double bar that was seen in the NLL for a brief stint, and Marty has brought it back, and made it widely available. This is good news! It’s CLA approved, and doesn’t sit as tightly on your chin, which makes me feel as if it is safer. I wore this facemask, I asked others to wear it, and everyone liked it.

Does it look a little different? Sure! But the vision lines are good, the fit is easy to get right, and it even comes in a couple different colors. Another great piece of equipment!

MX-PG Gloves

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12.32.26 PM

The first run of gloves are giant, so if you are looking for TRUE 14″ gloves, the Maximum Lacrosse gloves are a fantastic option. Big hands means big mittens, and these are broken in immediately, and really protective. The only downer is that they run so big. In the future, expect smaller gloves as well, and that’s a day I look forward to!

For now, these are simply the best option for guys with concrete blocks for hands. Big, protective, flexible, and simple. The Maximum Lacrosse gloves have a bright future for the rest of us, and could even make good goalie gloves. That’s how protective they are… and yet they still have good flex. Simple design, but effective. The gloves also come in a variety of color combos, which is nice for gear heads!

MX-RB-1000 Rib Pads

These pads have a ton of flex points and hinges. It’s all cloth joiners, and the pads sit really comfortably on your shoulders. The interior foam is soft and comfortable and the outer plastic is thick but light. These are a big upgrade from the old Reebok pads, and take the best elements of typical hard plastic ribbies. Big fan! The MX-RB-750 pads are a “step down” but not really. Also awesome, and good for field players who really want beefy rib/kidney protection out there. Hey, some long poles are VICIOUS! It’s fair.

MX-SP-1000 Shoulder Pads

The shoulder pads are flexible, and the shoulder caps do a fantastic job of staying on your shoulders when you tie them to the bicep pads! It’s all part of a seamless design process from shoulders to ribs. It’s great that they don’t flap around, so jersey or pinnie, you’re buckled down. The shoulders cover the back and front of the torso well, and can be integrated with the bicep pads seamlessly. They aren’t fancy, but they are effective. It’s all that matters.

How Do I BUY This Stuff?

You can pick up Maximum Lacrosse box padding on their website, HERE. Marty O’Neill knows his stuff, he’s created box specific padding for box players at great prices, and we wish him ALL the best of luck moving forward. This stuff is tough, designed for box, and won’t let you down on the floor. I’m a fan.