Mayne Street gets Comped, An ESPN Short


Oh Kenny Mayne, you kill me.

I like the new and I kind of dig what ESPN is doing with online video these days.  Some people say it’s too much, but the truth about video is it will keep visitors on the site longer and get them more engaged. This is why ESPN is so (overly) obsessed with it. That, and they love the Sopranos.

Check out this Kenny Mayne short and let me know if you think it’s funny. For some reason or another, I was amused. 

If video isn’t your thing, take a look at Rick Reilly’s article on Beer Pong and why it’s the next great American pastime.

Either way, make sure you hit the wine list really hard.


  1. It’s a weak storyline. Usually Mayne is a very funny guy, Sopranos guys are professional and clever, Bobby Flay is famous and a big personality……but then some guy in a cowboy hat steals the show (such as it is). Good cast, bad script.