MCLA DNA, New Website For Team Leaders

dna strand

The guys over at Grove City College are on a roll. First, they write two great posts recapping the IMLCA Conference (Part 1, Part 2), then they launch a much-needed new resource for administrative leaders of MCLA programs.

It’s called MCLA DNA, and it’s all about helping improve the sustainability of MCLA programs by sharing insights and experiences about leadership, structure and administration.

mclaDNA the core
The mclaDNA Core

The guys behind it are Grove City Lacrosse President Andrew Dymski, VP Bill Sigmund & Communications Director Brandon Jones.

According to Dymski, “We cover six topics, what we call the core of a program: management, social media, fundraising, budgeting, networks, and apparel. We will be blogging on these topics as well as featuring interviews and guest posts from programs at D-I and D-II levels. The focus will be off the field topics that every program needs to have nailed down if they want to succeed.”

MCLA team leaders: Strengthen your building blocks today.


  1. One’s doing a disservice to their team if they aren’t reaching out to manufacturers to try and set partnerships up with them.  They’re looking at least a thousand dollars in savings, even more if you have to order extensive amounts of gear and clothing.  And we all know that an extra couple thousand means an extra trip to play some top tier teams out of the area or some portion of financial security for post-season play.