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MCLA Fan Upset of the Week

With the MCLA season a few weeks in, we are starting to form a good picture of who will be a top dog and who will have to fight for every scrap they can get. Beginning this week, through the end of the regular season, we will pick one major upset for each division in the MCLA, then ask you which upset you think will be most likely to happen.


I went 0-2 last week thanks to a strong performance by both UCSB and St. John’s. They aren’t ranked as high as they are for no reason. I was actually following the Gauchos’ game on twitter and for three quarters, it looked as though the Lopes had a chance to upset the now #7 ranked team in the nation, but a six goal fourth quarter propelled UCSB out in the lead for a sound 11-7 victory.

I’m sticking to my guns about Grand Canyon though, these guys are ready to play and have seemed to come out of nowhere this year.

On the MCLA D2 side of things, St. John’s wasn’t interested at all in being upset and took down Grand Valley State 7-3 – the Lakers didn’t even score until the second half. Yikes.

Readers’ Choice

Looks like you all agreed with me on the upsets with GCU over UCSB getting 40% of the vote and GVSU over St. John’s getting 27% of the vote. Better luck this week, I feel your pain.

On to week three and some great in-conference match-ups!


I’m very excited to see how this week turns out in Division 1, several top ten teams are all going toe to toe, which could really mix things up in the polls next week if some underdogs come out on top. Colorado State is on break until 4/5 when they take on BYU, but Stanford and BYU play today, and Arizona State and UCSB play tomorrow.

Two possible top ten upsets are lined up with Colorado taking on Utah and Chapman taking on up and coming Boise State. I think both Colorado and Chapman are too hot and too consistent right now and will both come out on top, no upsets there.

This week’s upset comes a little further down the polls with #13 Texas playing host to Texas State. Everyone knows rivalry games are a different beast and while Texas State may be on the rise this year under new Head Coach Michael Brand, their record vs. Texas is 1-11. I really think Texas State is out to prove themselves this year and a win over Texas would really help to give them a jump into the rankings next week.


In the world of Division 2, I honestly can’t find a single game I think is up for an upset. Western Oregon takes on #3 St. John’s but I’m not about to go against them after seeing their defensive prowess at work last week in the win over GVSU. #4 Concordia also takes on a PNCLL D2 squad with Southern Oregon coming to town, but just the same as before, I can’t see SOU being able to take down the Eagles of Concordia.

The only real possibility I will throw out there is Missouri Baptist over #22 Washington – St. Louis. Kind of a stretch in my opinion because outside of the top 10 or 15 in the MCLA D2, I think it is a major toss-up of who belongs where. #25 Western Washington is a prime example considering their 1-6 record on the season.

Both MBU and WUSTL are sitting just below .500 and this game would surely give MBU the bump it needs to get into the top 25 of the MCLA D2.

Now it’s your turn, which of these upsets do YOU think is most likely to happen?