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VOTING PHASE: MCLA Helmet Design Contest

11.28 Update

The MCLA Helmet Design Contest thread in the LAS Community is now closed. Now it’s up to [highlight]YOU[/highlight] to collect as many “Awesome’s” on your entry as possible. Everyone has an individual “share link” located on their entry that can be used in emails and social media. Follow the instructions listed below to locate yours.

Two Ways To Spread The Word

#1 – Sharing your unique URL with friends

Step 1: Locate your entry in the MCLA Helmet Design Contest thread

Step 2: Click the DATE beneath your username

MCLA Contest How To

Step 3: After the page refreshes a unique URL will be generated for you in your browser address bar

MCLA Contest How To

Step 4: Copy & Paste this URL into emails, social media posts or any thing you can think of to share your custom helmet

#2 – Sharing your entry directly to Facebook & Twitter

Step 1: Locate your entry in the MCLA Helmet Design Contest thread

Step 2: Locate the Facebook or Twitter icon at the bottom right of your entry (note: it appears when you hover your mouse over your entry)

MCLA Contest How To

Step 3: Click to share!

No matter how you choose to do it, be sure to include instructions for your friends.
[highlight]To give your entry an “Awesome”, they’ll need to click “register” and become an member first (it’s free).[/highlight]

MCLA Contest How To

Voting closes at Midnight on Wednesday, December 4th.

May the best designs win!


11.24 Update

*Note: Entry deadline has been extended one day due to site load issues on the day of the deadline. Participants must enter by Tuesday, November 26th in order for their design to qualify.

11.15 Announcement

In partnership with Cascade and Maverik Lacrosse, is excited to announce a lacrosse helmet design contest centered around something that is close to our hearts. Prior to founding Lacrosse All Stars, Jeff Brunelle and Ryan Craven both played in the MCLA, a league that is made up entirely of collegiate student athletes who pay to play.

When we were in college, the league did not get much attention, but as the rise of new media continues, more and more MCLA teams are starting to be recognized for their talent and contributions to the sport. While we at LAS won’t take any credit for the increase in notoriety, we will admit that we feel a certain obligation to give the league the attention that it deserves.

That is why today we are launching a contest in which you – the lacrosse fan, player, coach, game grower – can design a helmet inspired by your favorite MCLA team for a chance to win an exact replica of the masterpiece you created.

Grand Prize (1): Exact replica of the masterpiece you create
Second Prize (5): #StringItForward Pack with LAS Stringing Kit

How to enter:

1. Select any MCLA team you want to design a helmet for (view the full list at

2. Go to FACTORYCUSTOM.COM and select the Cascade helmet of your choice to custom design (Note: Designs from the customizer will not be accepted. Make sure to use the new customizer!)

3. Get busy! Designs should only have features available on the customizer – designs with other embellishments (e.g., logos) will not be accepted.

4. Once you have a finished product, post it to the MCLA Helmet Design Contest thread in the LAS Community

The deadline to enter is November 25 26. One entry per person.

Soon after, all LAS members and Facebook fans will receive notification that voting has begun, with specific instructions on how to vote.

We are especially excited to be teaming up with Cascade and Maverik Lacrosse on this project because they have always shown interest in our history as college lacrosse players. We look forward to seeing your awesome helmet designs!

And now, a little inspiration from Maverik’s Billy Bitter: