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Thailand Lacrosse Gear helmet gloves STX lax gloves socks Adrenaline 1Lacrosse
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UPDATED: MCLA Playoffs Curse, Thailand Lax, DIII, How To Watch College Lacrosse Online

It’s another rainy day in NYC, and that means one more day where I can’t get outside to play any lax.  Killing me, weather.  The fact that BOTH teams I picked to win the MCLA Division 1 and Division 2 Championships lost doesn’t help either.  Colorado lost a rematch to Boston College, and Briarcliffe went down big to Davenport.  Am I cursed?  I promise to only pick teams I don’t want to win in the future.  Who am I kidding?  I want everyone to win!  At least I have some sweet lax to look forward to on Saturday.  That’s certainly something!  But more on that later… Now on to the action.

MCLA Playoffs – So much lacrosse in Denver!

If you want MCLA Division 1 results, look no further than the Hot Pot from this morning.  If you want to watch live feeds of the games, head on over to CollegeLax, but be prepared to refresh the page after each quarter and deal with some possible broadcast issues.  The weather out in Denver is not helping things, but the game are on, and for the most part, the feeds are working well enough!

There are some great games on this afternoon, and for the rest of the week.  And they only get more meaningful from here on out.  The MCLA’s tournament features one game per day, on many back to back days.  You need depth, conditioning, resolve, confidence and a good plan.  Experience in the playoffs never hurts either.  Imagine cramming the entire NCAA lacrosse tournament into one week, and all in one place.  That’s what is happening in Denver right now.  Pretty awesome.

UPDATE: And the weather strikes again.  Hail, Lightning, Not Lax weather.  Video from Will Patton.

NCAA Division III Games of Note – ALL of Them!

The D3 tourney is larger than the D1 tourney in NCAA lax, and therefore, they play games on Wednesdays as well as weekends.  I love this.  Teams get 3 days to prep for the next team, and 26 teams get a shot at the title.  The action is intense and non-stop and there are always some great games, upsets and Cinderall stories.  RIT has been battling through injuries lately and playing for a fallen teammate.  I’m telling you, there is MAGIC in DIII lax.

If you want to actually WATCH these games, the head on over to Laxpower’s Live Action Game Reports and follow the links to the video of the game.  Usually, schools are providing the feeds themselves, so quality and consistency varies heavily.  Amherst @ RIT, Roanoke @ Stevenson, and Cortland @ Tufts all start at 4pm.  At 7pm, we get Dickinson @ Salisbury.  Wow, what a slate of matches!  Yeah, matches.

Thailand Lacrosse Gear – Jelly?

Thailand Lacrosse Gear helmet gloves STX lax gloves socks Adrenaline 1Lacrosse
TLA Lax for life.

Thailand if playing a game this weekend in CT against the CT Valley Lacrosse Club.  Should be a rip roaring good time!

I now like Jeff Gordon, of NASCAR fame…

Heard the old #24 played lax back in the day.  Heard he played it in INDIANA!!!  I now approve of his existence 100%.  Funny how something so small can change your opinion of someone.  Did I discount him because I don’t like NASCAC? Yes.  But he likes lax.  So I’ll cut the sport some slack.  Did I just call it a sport?  See, I’m doing it already.

Subway Fresh Fit 500 Jeff GOrdon
Ex-laxer? yup.