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The number of hours that go in to operating a quality lacrosse league are countless, especially when that league is the MCLA, and consists of over 200 teams spread across the country.  Managing large operating budgets, communicating with referee associations, and organizing championship tournaments are just a few of the tasks many individuals volunteer to tackle.  Recently, the MCLA wrapped up its national summer meeting.  Along with your every day business, there were some interesting highlights from the minutes.

– 3 teams have officially been “sanctioned” for their actions in Denver, but no details are given.  Am I the only one interested in knowing who and why?

-Starting next year, Red Shirt players will be allowed to participate in consolation bracket games without losing eligibility.  I think this might be one of the biggest advantages for any organization who makes it to the national tournament.  Not only are your young guys getting the opportunity to play high quality competition, but they’re getting a taste of what it’s like to be invited to the big dance.

– The Division 2 tournament’s field will be increased to 16 teams next season.

– The MCLA is losing cash for the second year in a row, paying out approximately $2-3k more than they are taking in.  Total expenses came in at about 313k.  Question, how much did those commercials from a few years back cost?

– The league will be adopting the new NCAA stick head standards for the 2010 season, but will hold off on the new jersey number specs until 2011.

– The official MCLA website received over 4.6 million hits during the 2009 season.  Now if they could only make sure every team updated their stats regularly.

– A new rule states that “students must be enrolled for every academic term in which the team competes.”  I’m not sure if this means you can’t add to your roster during fall ball tournaments.  If it does, enforcement seems near impossible.  Player swapping is common place during many fall ball tournaments, and it’s not strange to see a guy who graduated two years ago suiting up for his alma mater.  Honor system?

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