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MCLA Teams in North Carolina

With the PLL making it’s Charlotte debut this weekend, it only seemed fitting to highlight the prominent MCLA teams in North Carolina. Sure there is Duke, UNC, and High Point at the Division 1 level, but what about the true blue-collar lacrosse teams in the region?

UNC Charlotte

A team that has been around since the start of the MCLA, had they’re best season ever this past year. In Nick Nedvesky’s first full season as head coach, the former 49er All-SELC attackman led the team to a 12-1 record. The team also won the ALC-DII and upset No.2 College of Idaho in the first round of the National Tournament; their first National Tournament appearance ever. They won all the ALC-DII awards except ROTY, and attackman Nick Ferens, was named MCLA DII Player of the Year. The school will sponsor an NCAA women’s team in 2025. 

East Carolina 

This team has been around since the start of the MCLA, first in the SELC DI and currently in the ALC DI. Former Pirate midfielder, Ben Lombardi, just finished his first season as head coach. The team is still looking for their first National Tournament appearance. The school started sponsoring an NCAA women’s team in 2018.

NC State

Founded as an NCAA DI team in 1973, the team made a tournament appearance in 1979. Their most famous alumni, Stan Cockerton, is tenth all-time in goals, and first all-time in goals per game. They lost varsity status in 1983 and have been a solid non-varsity team ever since. This season they made the ALC tournament and had two MCLA All-Americans.  

Wake Forest 

Founded in 2003, the team was originally in the SELC, but switched to the ALC along with all of the other North Carolina teams at the time. They finished the season ranked No.20 in DII, and LSM Ben Snavely won ALC DII ROTY. They are still looking for their first National Championship appearance. 

UNC Wilmington

They’ve had a team for the past couple of years, but only official joined the MCLA this season. They went 2-3 in ALC DII under first year head coach and former Wingate pole, Marc James. 

Appalachian State

Similar to the other North Carolina teams, they have been around since the start of the MCLA, originally in the SELC but then moved to the ALC when the new conference was formed. 


Elon made the National Tournament in 2008, 2010, 2012, the most MCLA tournament appearances out of any North Carolina team. They also made the move from the SELC to the ALC recently. The school started sponsoring an NCAA Women’s team in 2014.

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