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MCLA to allow NCAA varsity schools
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MCLA to Allow Membership for NCAA Varsity Schools

A surprisingly eventful week in lacrosse lead to some very interesting conversations about the MCLA allowing NCAA schools with varsity lacrosse programs to join, not to mention Hartford and … Ferris State football???

MCLA to Allow Membership for NCAA Varsity Schools

MCLA Widens Potential

The MCLA, the leading club lacrosse league nationally, has announced that it will drop a long-standing rule that disallowed team membership if there is a varsity team on campus. Simply put, before when a team like Michigan added a DI team, it was no longer allowed to field an MCLA team. This also opens the door to schools that have had long-standing varsity presences (Hopkins, Salisbury, Navy, basically any prominent DI/DIII school) to take their NCLL/GLLL club and join the MCLA, if they want.

The argument that club teams would benefit from a DI team on campus have long been exaggerated as we’ve seen multiple DI players over the years switch to the MCLA (after transferring of course). I think the way the MCLA has structured the rule is excellent and will keep an even playing field while also adding some much-needed new blood to the association.

Hartford Debacle

When Hartford announced it was transitioning athletics from DI to DIII, there was outrage, anger, and frustration among the alumni and current stakeholders.

This outrage has directly impacted the lacrosse program. The team is down to 15 players due to athletes transferring out for a new start and another chance at DI lacrosse. Additionally, the program has withdrawn from America East competition this year.

While I’m sure the decision to go DIII is best for the university long term and that the lacrosse program will be competitive at that level, I can’t help but feel that this whole situation could’ve been handled better. Perhaps the solution would have been to announce a longer term transition, a three-to-four-year plan to phase out of DI. But this all feels rushed, and the athletes are bearing the brunt of the decision making.

Jared Bernhardt Dominates on the Gridiron

Jared Bernhardt had his debut under center for the Division II Ferris State Bulldogs, and he did not disappoint. Not only were his stats obscene, he looked physically dominant, and his years in a Big Ten strength and conditioning program were evident.

Bernhardt’s Stats:

Passing: 12/14 for 218 yards, 3 touchdowns, 1 interception

Rushing: 12 rushes for 120 yards and 4 touchdowns

He accounted for 7 TOUCHDOWNS. That’s crazy!