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MCLA Tournament: Final Lacrosse Photo Blog WIth Mike Brand

Editor’s Note: Mike Brand has been down in Greenville, SC for the last week for the MCLA National Tournament.  Both Division 1 and Division 2 have crowned their winners, and Mike will recap his South Carolina experience via a photo blog to give you a feeling of what the City is like, in case you couldn’t make it down in person.

The #MCLA2012 logo held up well!

Greenville looks like a fun little spot and a great location for a lacrosse tournament!  The weather seems to have held up nicely for the vast majority of the week, and fun times were seemingly had by all.  The entire LAS crew just might have to make it to the MCLA Nationals next year!

Looks like a lot of fun!  Thanks to Mike for sending along all the photos and congratulations to all the teams that made it to Greenville, SC!  Further congrats go out to Colorado State and St. Thomas on their titles!