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UNAM Pumas Mexican Lacrosse

Mexican Lacrosse Highlights: 2015 UNAM Pumas

Mexican Lacrosse is growing and with the help of the UNAM Pumas, things are on the right track! Check out the 2015 highlight video from he Pumas season! reader Santiago tipped us off to this highlight reel of some of the best moments from the 2015 UNAM Pumas Lacrosse season.

For those that don’t follow Mexican lacrosse (I’m sure that’s many of you), there’s 10 teams competing nationally in the Campeonato Nacional 2015, or National Championship, in three separate divisions; Senior (Adult), Primera Universitaria (Top Tier College) Segunda Universitaria (Second Tier College). All three divisions are ranked under the same category.

Although the Senior club, Black Rhinos, holds the #1 spot overall, UNAM ranks #4 on the list, #3 at the University level. UNAM finished the playoffs at 1-1, third out of the ten teams.

In Mexico, lacrosse has the most traction around Mexico City where almost all of the university teams, like UNAM, are located, with one team as far as Michoacán, 4 hours west of the city. Mexican Lacrosse is growing steadily; after producing teams for the World Championship last summer in Denver, the Copa América de Lacrosse 2015 (Americas Cup of Lacrosse), and a consistent 10 teams for a National Championship, we think the future is bright for our neighbors to the south!

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Fun Facts

My favorite Mexican lacrosse team names:

  1. Ponys (Ponies) I would not want to be a pony, sorry. Maybe a Bronco, Stallion or something…
  2. Pumas (Pumas) It’s not as exciting since we share the word.
  3. Panteras (Panthers) Scored points for sharing the name with a legendary metal band.
  4. Lobos (Wolf) But a cooler way of saying it.
  5. Atzecas (Aztecs) Strong history play.
  6. Black Rhinos (Black Rhinos) Obviously thought up be sensible adults.
  7. Unicorns (Unicorns) There’s a boldness about playing with a Unicorn for a mascot and if you drink their blood you become immortal, so…
  8. Borregos (Sheep/Lamb) x3! Yes, all three branches of TEC are the Borregos!
  9. Burros Blancos (White Donkeys) Why white, we don’t know. But I’ve got to be honest, if I am going to have a free choice to play for any mascot, it’s the White Donkeys. ¡Vive el Burros Blancos!

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