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MIAA Lacrosse Championship
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MIAA Lacrosse Championship Games Results

The MIAA Lacrosse Championships produces some of the best high school lacrosse games in the country. With Maryland being the lacrosse capital of the world, it should be no shock that the level of play at the high school level is off the charts.

Here are the results from last night’s MIAA Lacrosse Championship games.

Archbishop Curley (15) – Indian Creek (10) – MIAA B Conference Lacrosse Championship

Archbishop Curley outlasts Indian Creek in the MIAA B Conference Championship with a final score of 15 to 10. It is the Friars first title since 2019 and their third title in program history.

The Curley offense was led by Caleb Haire who finished the game with six goals and an assist. The Friars came out swinging as they gained a comfortable lead early on in the game and it seemed like Indian Creek would not be able to overcome the quick deficit. Possessing the ball was a big issue for the Eagles in this Friday night matchup as the Friars defense created multiple caused-turnovers throughout the game leading to more opportunities for the Friars.

The Eagles were finally able to get on the board but that momentum didn’t last long as Haire would find the back of the net yet again to bring the score to 4-1 at the end of the first quarter.

The veteran Friars offense executed the gameplan swiftly and without many hiccups throughout the duration of the match. It was clear early on that this Curley team was mentally dialed in for this one. Indian Creek was already having issues with possessing the ball, so the Friars dominant faceoff performance and gritty groundball wins didn’t help the Eagles’ odds of getting back in the game.

This dominant first half performance by the Friars lead to a 9-3 lead heading into halftime.

While Indian Creek made some proper halftime adjustments, Archbishop Curley never really let the Eagles make it a close game. The Eagles started the second half hot with two quick goals before penalties really became an issue for the remainder of the game. Every time it seemed like the Eagles were clawing their way back, a lousy error or penalty would bring them right back down.

Curley continued to fire on all cylinders gaining a comfortable 13-9 lead heading into the fourth quarter.

While the Eagles continued to put up a valiant effort in the final minutes of the game, Haire’s sixth goal of the game was the last nail in the coffin. While Indian Creek may have come up short in the end, the team should be proud of their accomplishments this season as this year’s performance sets the tone for the program moving forward.

Indian Creek Goals

Turner: 4

Mercer: 4

Stroble: 2

Archbishop Curley Goals

Haire: 6

Roesener: 3

Zingo: 2

Magnaye: 1

Beishel: 1

Heise: 1

McDonogh (14) – St. Mary’s (8) – MIAA A Conference Lacrosse Championship

McDonogh topples St. Mary’s to win the MIAA A Conference Championship with a final score of 14 to 8. It is the Eagles’ fourth MIAA A Conference Championship and the program’s first since 2016.

Despite the rocky season, the McDonogh Eagles were able to take care of business when it mattered most. McCabe Millon has been the talk of the town since he announced his commitment to Duke University, and he certainly was able to live up to the hype in this one. Millon finished the game with four goals and two assists. In regard to the rocky start to the season, Millon had this to say.

“I think it was just those losses early in the year that really taught us what it meant to be down and none of us wanted to experience that again, so we just put our noses down, dug in and were able to do this, which is just beyond unbelievable.” McCabe Millon. McDonogh Player

The Eagles gained a ton of momentum heading into this matchup after barely qualifying for the tournament at all. The team’s energy reached new heights after Millon’s buzzer-beater goal over Boy’s Latin in the semifinals. This team was ready to play.

McDonogh came out like a well-oiled machine valuing every possession of the ball and rarely making a mistake. If McDonogh was taking a shot, it never was a forced one. On top of the tactical offensive performance, the defense did their job shutting down St. Mary’s offense. The Saints wouldn’t score until the end of the second quarter right before halftime.

McDonogh led St. Mary’s 5 to 1 at the midway point with five different goal scorers.

The Saints made the proper halftime adjustments and came out ready to play. Very quickly, St. Mary’s brought the game within two goals with a score of 6 to 4. It was at this point the Eagles had to determine their faith.

A four-goal run by the Eagles would create a healthy 10 to 4 lead heading into the last quarter of the game.

While St. Mary’s would inch their way back into the contest the Eagles’ defense proved to be too much. A combination of caused-turnovers, gritty groundball wins, and phenomenal play by the Eagles’ netminder secured the victory for McDonogh.

McDonogh Goals

M. Millon: 4

B. Millon: 3

Miller: 2

McMillen: 1

Green: 1

Moore: 1

Jones: 1

Hahn: 1

St. Mary’s Goals

Chick: 4

Hopkins: 3

Kuchinski: 1