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Michigan got a big win over Penn State, Denver asserted itself in the Big East and the CAA moved up nationally in college lacrosse's Week 6.
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Michigan Earns B1G win, CAA Moves up Nationally – DI Rundown Week 6

This week wasn’t chock full of upsets or season-defining games, but there a few notable ones. The Big East has started to take a better shape with Denver assuming the No. 1 spot, while Michigan earned a major win over Penn State. There were also several game postponements, which created a mess of reschedules all around.

Now, onto the rundown!

Michigan Earns B1G Win, CAA Moves Up Nationally – Week 6 DI Rundown



Georgetown 7 v Denver 13


Sacred Heart 8 v Fairfield 14

Marquette 3 v Notre Dame 10


High Point 20 v VMI 12


Colgate 11 v Boston U 16

Detroit 7 v Manhattan 11

Rutgers 15 v Johns Hopkins 9

UMBC 13 v Hartford 10

Sacred Heart 8 v LIU 13

Towson 12 v Delaware 13

Stony Brook 16 v UMass Lowell 9

Merrimack 7 v Saint Joseph’s 9

Robert Morris 12 v Virginia 14

Bucknell 10 v Loyola 24

Hobart 13 v Mount St. Mary’s 9

Albany 19 v Binghamton 7

Air Force 5 v North Carolina 15

Vermont 17 v NJIT 2

Cleveland St. 5 v Notre Dame 19

Drexel 7 v UMass 13

Penn State 12 v Michigan 14

Georgetown 14 v Providence 9

Richmond 17 v Bellarmine 5

Maryland 16 v Ohio State 8

Canisius 12 v Siena 10

Holy Cross 6 v Syracuse 15


Jacksonville 16 v Mercer 6

Bryant 18 v Wagner 5

Conference Comparison

This is the section of the rundown to keep track of how conferences are doing against each other. Intra-conference games are not part of the records below.

Big East5-40.556-0.069
America East4-60.400-0.044
Big Ten0-0
Ivy League0-0

*2021 Independents: Utah, Robert Morris, Cleveland State, Hampton (2021 season is suspended)

There were only six out-of-conference games this week. Five of them were involving the ACC, which were all wins. The only non-ACC game was Fairfield’s 14-8 win over the NEC’s Sacred Heart. So, yup, the ACC win percentage margin was padded quite a bit this weekend. That Fairfield win, along with Marquette’s loss to Notre Dame, allowed the CAA to jump up to the No. 2 spot overall.

Game Notes

Georgetown 7 v Denver 13

This game was bumped a few days due to weather, but it was a highly anticipated matchup between the top-two teams in the Big East. Even though Georgetown opened the scoring, but once Denver started, it never really stopped. This was going to be the toughest test for the Hoyas defense on the schedule, because Denver has the ability to create more shots off passes than anyone else Georgetown faces. But what was concerning is how often Denver was able to just score off the dodge with unassisted goals. This game showed that while Georgetown is impressive, it still has a lot of work to do.

Robert Morris 12 v Virginia 14

This game should have been a win for UVA, it was not expected to be this close. While Robert Morris does get credit for making this a game, UVA is also giving me slight reminders of the 2017 Syracuse team that was obsessed with one-goal games. Virginia is a good team, but it just keeps playing teams like Robert Morris and High Point closer than it should. The bright spots for the ‘Hoos were Matt Moore having one of his best games all year and Pete LaSalla going 23-of-28 in faceoffs with 10 GBs and an assist. But for Robert Morris to have Jimmy Perkins leading the way with seven points and even tying the game in the fourth at 10-10 showed how much of a threat this team might be when May rolls around.

Penn State 12 v Michigan 14

Like Virginia, Penn State has been a little tough to figure out this year. Yes, the Nittany Lions are missing Grant Ament, but there is a lot more going on than just that. Michigan had just three wins in conference going into this season, so anything like this game is big for the Wolverines as they keep trying to fight their ways into mix of the B1G. So while a major takeaway is going to be “can Penn State turn this around?” we can’t look past asking “has Michigan already done it?” If it can beat Ohio State in its next game, the answer might be yes.

Holy Cross 6 v Syracuse 15

This game was played for lacrosse reasons, but it was special for so much more. Earlier in the week, Syracuse alum Rob Kavovit passed away at age 45. Kavovit was extremely close with Paul Carcaterra, as they went to high school together, played at Syracuse together, and as Carcaterra said on the broadcast, they were truly best friends. But this broadcast from Carcaterra will go down as one of the most emotional that I have ever heard, and it was incredible. Carc’s personal connection with Kavovit was clear and it added a dimension to this game that I had never seen before. One of the most moving portions of this was when Carc told the story of how he ordered a wooden stick from legendary Onondaga stick maker Alf Jacques, who took Carc’s name down about two years ago. That stick showed up at Carc’s door the day after he heard about the passing of Kavovit this week. Combining that with this incredible story from Mikey Powell, the Syracuse lacrosse community was truly in mourning. It was only fitting that this game ended with Syracuse notching 15 goals, which happened to be Kavovit’s jersey number.

Reschedule Tracker

I’ll be using this section to keep track of which games are postponed or canceled as the season goes on as that information will easily get lost in the shuffle. Every season always has a few games postponed or canceled due to weather or travel issues, but as you’ll see below, this season is already going to be quite a bit different.

Also note: the “Games Scheduled” will include new games added, which may make the percentages look different compared to the missed games listed below. For example: Colgate and Robert Morris both had games canceled, so they played each other, meaning there are two games cancelled but one game played as scheduled.

Games scheduled: 188

Games played: 159 (84.6%)

Games played as scheduled: 154 (81.9%)

Missed Games

2/13 Army v UMass – Canceled

2/13 Army v Virginia – Moved to 2/14 – PLAYED

2/13 Loyola v Richmond – Moved to 2/14 – PLAYED

2/13 Villanova v Delaware – Canceled

2/13 Mount St. Mary’s v VMI – Rescheduled to 4/7

2/13 Cleveland St v Marquette -Canceled

2/16 Bellarmine v North Carolina – Postponed

2/18 Bellarmine v High Point – Rescheduled to 4/3

2/20 UMass vs UMass Lowell – Moved to 2/23 – Postponed again

2/20 Robert Morris v Bucknell – Canceled

2/20 UMBC v Saint Joseph’s – Canceled

2/20 VMI v Colgate – Canceled

2/21 Albany v Lehigh – Canceled

2/23 Bellarmine v Robert Morris – Rescheduled to 4/2

2/26 Bucknell v Colgate – Rescheduled to 4/3

2/27 Bellarmine v VMI – Rescheduled to 3/9 – PLAYED

2/27 UMass v Boston U – Postponed

2/28 Bucknell v Delaware – Canceled

3/6 Hofstra v UMass – Moved to 3/30

3/6 Wagner v St. Joseph’s – Rescheduled to 3/8 – PLAYED

3/6 Navy v Bucknell – Postponed

3/9 UMass vs Albany – Moved to 3/23

3/13 UMBC v Binghamton – Moved to 3/24

3/13 Mount St. Mary’s v Bryant – Moved to 5/1

3/13 Quinnipiac v Marist – Postponed

3/13 Colgate v Army – Postponed

3/13 Hofstra v Towson – Moved to 4/13

3/13 Georgetown v Denver – Rescheduled to 3/16 – PLAYED

3/20 St. Bonaventure v Canisius – Postponed

3/20 Marquette v St. John’s – Postponed

3/20 Hofstra v Syracuse – Postponed

3/20 Siena v Quinnipiac – Postponed

3/20 Vermont v UMass – Postponed

3/20 Holy Cross v Army – Postponed

3/20 Marist v Monmouth – Postponed

3/20 Navy v Lafayette – Postponed

3/21 Denver v Villanova – Postponed

This Week’s Games


UMass vs Albany


Lafayette v Drexel


Syracuse v Duke


Monmouth v Manhattan

Hofstra v Fairfield


Binghamton v UMBC

Air Force v Bellarmine

St. John’s v Marquette

Holy Cross v Navy

Utah v Mercer

Hartford v Vermont

VMI v Jacksonville

Loyola v Towson

Villanova v Georgetown

Quinnipiac v St. Bonaventure

NJIT v UMass-Lowell

Mount St. Mary’s v Saint Joseph’s

Sacred Heart v Hobart

Canisius v Marist

Virginia v Notre Dame

Bucknell v Army

High Point v Richmond

Bryant v Merrimack

LIU v Wagner

Ohio State v Michigan

Siena v Detroit

Denver v Providence

Albany v Stony Brook


Lehigh v Colgate

Johns Hopkins v Penn State

Maryland v Rutgers

What to Watch


UMass vs Albany


Syracuse v Duke


Virginia v Notre Dame

High Point v Richmond

Ohio State v Michigan

Albany v Stony Brook


Johns Hopkins v Penn State

Maryland v Rutgers

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