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Micro Mesh ECD Challenge – String League!

Greg from East Coast Dyes came up with the fantastic ECD Micro Mesh Challenge for this week of String League, and our contestants killed it with their entries!

What if all you had to work with was something that the stringing community had already abandoned? Greg from East Coast Dyes aimed to find out, so in this week’s challenge, each String Leaguer was forced to use a long-forgotten mesh design called Micro Mesh.

Have you ever heard of Micro Mesh? No? Well you are not alone. Many mesh prototypes have come and gone, and Micros Mesh is one of them. Innovation doesn’t always take hold. The stringing community is quick to wither champion or damn new mesh ideas and because of this we have seen countless mesh pieces and designs go the way of the dodo. Micro Mesh is accompanied by 9 Diamond Mesh, Ruby Mesh, Hemp Mesh, Carbon Fiber Mesh (which may have taken new life in the Warp), 17 Diamond mesh, as well as countless others.


A common theme has extended throughout this competition. When our stringers are using something that they are unfamiliar with, or something that they straight up do not like, they tear it apart and reinvent the product. This was always part of the pocket stringing art medium, but in the last few years I have seen stringers shake off the fear of repurposing items, and really make it a staple of our community’s culture.

ECD’s Micro Mesh Challenge

As the final competition looms over the String Leaguers, the leaderboard is prone for change. The final challenge is worth double the points and 4 of our 5 contestants could still pull into the top spot. This season has resulted in a close competition!

micro mesh

Points have been grouped in such a way that it is still anyone’s game. The final competition will be hosted by a special guest judge, so we hope to see you back here next Friday for the conclusion of String League Season 2, and the announcement of our String League Champion!