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Mike Birney Scores from 20 Yards Out

We’ve seen some pretty impressive long-range goals scored in college lacrosse, but I don’t know that we’ve ever seen anything quite like this! Failed clears and weird bounces can produce typical 15 yard plus scores, but very rarely do you see an absolute bomb from well outside the restraining box… it’s even more rare to see one of those go in!


Mike Birney doesn’t care though… He brings the ball over midfield, takes a step towards the restraining box (it’s the red line), and then he just unleashes Mordor. The Michigan goalie must have been shocked when Birney actually shot the ball. I would have thought he was faking a shot, but when you can move the ball around 114mph, you can do what you want I guess!

Check out the video above submitted by faceofflax15, with credit to MittenLaxFan… it’s a real gem and proof that Birney can absolutely bring the heat like few others in the game.

There were 2 seconds left in the 3rd quarter when Birney shot the rock, and the goal put Detroit up 11-9. Michigan would come back to win the game 14-13 in OT.