Mike DeWan Calls on MCLA Community to Take Action


In light of the firing of Head Coach Jason LambMike DeWan Calls on MCLA Community to Take Action, Mike DeWan (dtrain34 on the CollegeLAX Forums), Head Coach of University of San Diego and Vice-President of the Southwestern Lacrosse Conference, has asked that everyone in the MCLA community send a note to the President of BYU. Details after the jump.

Mike DeWan Calls on MCLA Community to Take Action

“Let us all enlighten this man as to what is happening on his campus, and how much of positive influence Coach Lamb was on all of us in the MCLA, not just in the Mormon or Cougar Lacrosse community.”

Mike DeWan is right. Everyone should send a note to the President of BYU. LaxNation, this is on you. MAKE SOME NOISE. There’s no other way to say it, this situation is an outrage. It should not be happening.

Mike DeWan Calls on MCLA Community to Take ActionWhile many of us have compete against BYU and some even grown to ‘hate’ them, now is a good time to put any differences aside and give Jason Lamb and the BYU program some support. If not for them, then for the MCLA and THE SPORT OF LACROSSE.

It’s all about growing the game. Day after day after day after day. As a community it is our duty to see wrong and do everything we can to adjust it. In this case, as most of us reading this are far away and can’t storm into the BYU President’s office, a form submission will do the trick.

For all the NCAAers out there who are probably thinking, “when is LAS going to stop rambling about the MCLA??”, all I’d like to say to you is that this is big and it reflects on more than just the MCLA. This is about the lacrosse in general. A coach, who’s given his life to a lacrosse program, has been wronged. In no way, at any level, is that right. We all want the game to grow and this is one of those bad times we all need to come together and let those involved know that we support them and we’re here to help.

Everyone, no matter what your affiliation, please act on this and send a message to the President of BYU.